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Canada’s 5K Championship Elite List Announced

Canadian 5K Championship returns from Moncton, NJ for first time in four years in less than two weeks to the east coast Contend for the national 5K title on a round-trip course on Assembly Blvd., which runs along the scenic riverfront of downtown Moncton.

One of the major storylines heading into the championship was Ben Flanagan You can break the Canadian 5K record of 13:35 ( Charles Philibert-Thibout). Earlier this summer, the 27-year-old road specialist Canada’s longstanding 10K record At BAA 10K in Boston (28:11). Flanagan has set his personal best of 13:20 over 5,000 m on the track, but since 2019 he has not run 5 km on public roads.

Ben Flanagan and Luc Bruchet at the 2021 Canadian 10K Championship (Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 10K).Photo: Greg Henkenhuff

Flanagan won the last Canadian 5K title in 2018 by setting a Canadian soil record of 13:56 at the Yorkville 5K in Toronto.He looks set to return to the Moncton podium but will face two Canadian Olympians Luc Bruchet When John Gay.

Flanagan successfully defended Canada’s 10K title in Ottawa in May. Photo credit: Victor Cyler, PhotoRun

Canadian women’s 5K record of 15:16 set late Emily Mondor In 2004, it still stands. The only woman in the elite field with her PB in her 5,000m faster than the current Canadian record, Julie Ann Sturley, After spending most of the 2022 season with injuries, he returned to the road racing scene.

olympic steeplechase Regan YiAlicia Butterworth When Erin Teschuk They also headline the women’s elite list, all looking to win their first Canadian 5K title.

women’s elite list

bib number name Year residence best record
1 Julie Ann Sturley 28 Lucknow, Ontario 14:57
2 Alicia Butterworth 29 Vancouver, British Columbia 16:11
3 Sasha Golish 40 Toronto, Ontario 15:24
Four Regan Yi 27 Vancouver, British Columbia 15:31
6 Erin Teschuk 27 Kingston, Ontario 15:41
7 Sabrina Sangere 31 Montreal, QC 16:48
8 Erin Mawinney 26 Hamilton, Ontario 16:33
9 Sophie Black twenty two Dieppe, New Jersey 18:13
Ten Hannah Woodhouse twenty five Guelph, Ontario 16:12
11 Catherine Thompson twenty five Halifax, NS 16:53
12 Jennifer Barron 37 Paradise, NL 17:12
13 Rochelle Johnston 37 moncton, new jersey 18:31
14 Erin Poirier 42 Halifax, NS 17:33
15 Cleo Boyd 29 Charlottesville, Virginia 15:57
16 Branna McDougal twenty four Kingston, Ontario 15:48
17 Julia Reed 28 fredericton, new jersey 18:57
18 Breanna Sandrak twenty two Thorburn, New South Wales 18:11
19 Tiffany Newell 42 Welland, Ontario 15:32
20 Kimberly Crezonski 29 Kingston, Ontario 17:13
twenty one Michelle Krezonski 29 Kingston, Ontario 17:00
twenty two Colleen Wilson 30 Deep Cove, New South Wales 16:50
twenty three Megan Duffy 37 Miramichi, NB 17:55

men’s elite list

51 Lee Weselius 28 Mountain, Ontario 14:29
52 Luc Bruchet 31 Vancouver, British Columbia 13:12
53 John Gay twenty five Vancouver, British Columbia 13:29
54 Ben Flanagan 27 Ann Arbor, Michigan 13:20
55 Mike Tate 27 London, Ontario/Antigonish, New South Wales 13:34
56 Justin Kent 30 Vancouver, British Columbia 13:46
57 Mitchell Ubene twenty four Tecumseh, Ontario 13:36
58 Tristan Woodfine 29 Cobden, Ontario 14:28
59 connor black 26 London, Ontario 13:38
60 Alex Neufer 27 Halifax, NS 14:34
61 Kyle Greave 28 Toronto, Ontario 14:01
62 Jean-Marc Doiron 34 moncton, new jersey 15:25
63 Cal Dewolf 27 Conchral Mills, NS 14:44
64 Matthew Lozano twenty four Ajax, Ontario 14:54
65 Dylan Allick twenty four Mississauga, Ontario 14:00
66 Sergio Laes Villanueva twenty five Mississauga, Ontario 14:17
67 Aaron Manning 28 Halifax, NS 31:17 (10K)
68 Evan Arseno 32 Saint John, NB 15:34
69 Mohammed Arghab 28 St Leonard, NB 15:35
70 Andrew Alexander twenty three Toronto, Ontario 13:34
71 Thomas Nobbs twenty three Vancouver, British Columbia 14:12
72 Mark Patton twenty five Guelph, Ontario 14:38
73 Tyler Jones* twenty three Windsor, Ontario 14:31

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Canada’s 5K Championship Elite List Announced

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