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Canada faces ‘aggressive game’ from China

Justin Trudeau said China and other countries were playing “aggressive games” with democracies amid reports that Beijing was targeting Canada in a massive campaign of foreign interference. There is

On Monday, the prime minister detailed China’s alleged effort to fund a secret network of at least 11 federal candidates who ran in the 2019 election, as well as other allegations of election interference in its campaign. In response to a Global News survey that revealed

“We are taking important steps to strengthen the integrity of our electoral process and our institutions, and to prevent interference in elections, foreign interference in our democracy and institutions,” Trudeau told reporters in Montreal. We will continue to invest in the fight,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing countries and state actors around the world, whether China or not, continue to play aggressive games against our institutions and our democracies.”

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Canadian intelligence has warned Prime Minister Trudeau that China is secretly funding 2019 election candidates, sources say

In January, Canadian intelligence officials presented Trudeau and several ministers with a series of briefings and memos detailing Beijing’s efforts to increase its influence and subvert Canada’s democratic process. The source told Global News that it included examples of

According to recent information from the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS), these efforts include payments through intermediaries to candidates affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and MPs to influence policy. It purportedly includes placing an agent in the office.

In addition, national intelligence agencies believe that China is seeking to bribe and corrupt former Canadian officials to gain influence in Ottawa, and that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) sees it as a threat to its interests. We believe we are launching an aggressive campaign to punish politicians.

The main allegation is that CSIS made large-scale covert transfers from China’s Toronto consulate to a network of at least 11 federal election candidates and a number of Beijing operatives who worked as campaign staff. It is what they claim to have instructed.

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China’s Xi Jinping wins third term as ruling party leader, promotes allies

The funds were reportedly transferred through the Ontario MPP and federal election candidate staff. Another source with knowledge of the situation said his CCP proxy group, acting as an intermediary, transferred about $250,000.

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The 2022 briefing said some, but not all, members of the alleged network were intended to be CCP officials. Intelligence agencies have not concluded whether the CSIS network believes he successfully influenced the October 2019 election results, the sources said.

Canada’s national spy agency can obtain findings through warrants that enable it to electronically intercept communications between Chinese consular officials and Canadian politicians and officials.

Sources told Global News that they have revealed details of the 2022 briefing to help Canadians have a clearer understanding of China’s attack on Canada’s democratic system. Fearing retaliation, they have asked that their names be withheld.

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Former Canadian ambassador to China says it ‘should be easy’ for Ottawa to identify Beijing as a strategic rival

According to briefing details, experts said the alleged interference shows weaknesses in Canada’s outdated espionage and counterintelligence laws exploited by sophisticated interference networks operated by China, Russia and Iran. Stated.

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In 2022 intelligence agencies claim that China has more foreign interference than any other country, and that Chinese President Xi Jinping has used the Communist Party of China’s so-called “United Front” influence network overseas. In 2015, which strengthened, the threat of interference with Canada increased.

Back in Montreal, Prime Minister Trudeau said Ottawa “always works with the Intelligence Committee and officials” to improve national security. He cited the 2018 creation of the National Security and Intelligence Commission of Parliamentarians as an example.

“We will continue to make the investments and changes necessary to uphold our rights, freedoms and values ​​as Canadians, and protect ourselves from those who harm those values, rights and freedoms,” Trudeau said. said Mr.

“The world is changing, sometimes in very frightening ways. We need to enable those tasked with keeping us safe every day to do so.”

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Canada faces ‘aggressive game’ from China

Source link Canada faces ‘aggressive game’ from China

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