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Bruyère uses new digital solutions to close HR gaps

London, Ontario. – Caring Support, an innovative Canadian company, connects qualified healthcare professionals directly with Ottawa-based Bruyère through a commercialization project supported by the Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network.

Following the CAN Health Network Call for Innovation, Caring Support’s employment platform, which welcomed its first 10,000 users last month, provides Bruyère with key clinical positions to provide specialized care across Ottawa’s hospital campuses and long-term care facilities. was selected to help fill the

“We are extremely honored and excited to be selected for this commercialization project. It’s a great opportunity to reach out to,” said entrepreneur Joseph Jongsma (pictured), CEO and founder of London-based Caring Support.

Guided by community building and quality care, Caring Support and Bruyère bridge the gap between recruitment and personal connections by prioritizing healthcare workers in the hiring process.

Eliza Mystille, Recruitment and Selection Manager at Bruyère, said: “Strengthening our clinical team remains a priority for us and this is a great opportunity to connect with qualified candidates and give them a glimpse of Bruyères.”

The platform works to expedite the operations of recruiting teams and ultimately streamline the applicant process, but also provides a personalized touchpoint between Bruyères and prospective candidates. . Bruyère continues to seek out clinical talent, and meeting where healthcare workers are has impacted both patients and frontline staff.

Dr. Dante Morra, President of CAN Health Network, said: “This commercialization project creates a great opportunity for Caring Support to align its platform to meet the direct needs of Bruyères and its sharing community.”

About caring support
Caring Support is an easy-to-use, responsive, mobile-friendly job matching platform designed for the healthcare sector by Canadian businessman Joseph Johnsma and his talented staff. From the outset, the platform’s goal has been to streamline the recruitment process for healthcare employers while helping skilled healthcare professionals in North America find their dream jobs. The company aims to be an open hub that provides employers and workers with resources to improve their organization and further develop their careers, ultimately revolutionizing the healthcare industry. For more information on Caring Support, please visit www.caringsupport.com/.

About CAN Health Network
The CAN Health Network is Canada’s first approach to technology adoption. It helps break down the barriers to scaling healthcare systems and provides an environment in which businesses can reach their full potential. CAN Health Network, currently operating in Canada’s Ontario, Western and Atlantic coasts, was awarded his $30 million by the Government of Canada as part of its 2022 budget to support the provinces of Quebec, Territories, and Indigenous communities. is expanding to For more information on CAN Health Network, please visit www.canhealthnetwork.ca.

About Bruyères
Bruyère is an academic healthcare organization that develops the next generation of healthcare leaders and uses research and industry partnerships to improve care. Bruyère plays a unique role in the local health system, providing specialized hospital care, primary care, long-term care, and assisted independent living for the elderly, and the Bruyère Research Institute is dedicated to providing care to older Canadians and vulnerable populations. We are focused on finding the next generation of care for people. For more information about Bruyère, please visit www.bruyere.org/.

Bruyère uses new digital solutions to close HR gaps

Source link Bruyère uses new digital solutions to close HR gaps

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