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Brazil Cali has signed a binding offtake, marketing and barge transport agreement with AMAGGI, one of the world’s largest private soybean producers.Canadian Business Journal

Amazonas, Brazil, October 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BRAZIL POTASH CORP.Brazilian curry or “Company”) is pleased to announce the signing of the following legally binding agreement with Amaggi Exportação e Importação Ltda. (“Amagi”)), one of the world’s largest privately held soybean producers with complementary businesses spanning agriculture farming, commodity trading, logistics operations and energy production, and its logistics subsidiary Hermasa Navegação da Amazônia Ltda.:

1) Offtake agreements with terms of take or pay for 500,000 tonnes of potash per year.

2) A marketing contract to sell the remaining 1.9 million tonnes of potash per annum in Brazil.When

3) A barge contract to ship the originally planned annual production of 2.4 million tons of potash to inland ports close to major agricultural regions in Brazil.

All of these agreements consider very high standards and obligations for both parties regarding environmental, social and governance concerns.

These contracts are Phase 1 Autazes in Cali, Brazil It will produce 2.4 million tonnes of potash annually over a period of 15 to 17 years, with reciprocal extension options. Potash sales prices for offtake and marketing contracts are based on the spot price of Potash Granular Muliate shipped from Brazil (i.e. MOP CFR Brazil), minus inland transportation savings.

Once the project is operational, as part of the barge transport contract, Hermasa will be responsible for the transport of the subject Cali, primarily from the port of Cali near Urkulituba village on the Madeira River in Brazil, to the Elmasa-owned port in Porto Velho. Allocate the necessary assets and resources. North West province of Rondonia or other destinations via the Amazonas and Tapajos rivers.

Brasil Cali Chairman Stan Barty said: Brazil Potash is an ideal company to contract as it consumes large amounts of potash for agricultural land applications. We also have an extensive distribution and logistics network through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Hermasa, which operates a barge-to-sea ship transshipment terminal just 40 miles upstream from his Autazes project. I have known Blairo Maggi for many years and am thrilled to be working with AMAGGI and his talented team. ”

Blairo Maggi, one of AMAGGI’s shareholders, said: But even though he is one of the world’s largest consumers of potash, we are at great risk given that his 98% of this essential phytonutrient is imported. increase. Having a large domestic source of conventional potash, as proposed by Brazil potash, is important for ensuring food security in both Brazil and the world. Therefore, we are delighted to have AMAGGI join us in this important project. ”

About Amagi

Founded in 1977, AMAGGI is Brazil’s largest grain and textile company with 2021 revenues of US$7 billion. Present at several stages of the agribusiness chain, AMAGGI is involved in renewable energy generation and commercialization, as well as agricultural production of cereals, fiber and seeds, grain and input sourcing, processing and commodification, grain rivers and roads. We are engaged in transportation and port management. electrical energy.

AMAGGI produces approximately 1.1 million tons of grains and fibers (including soybeans, corn and cotton) annually and has a commercial relationship base with approximately 6,000 rural producers. Headquartered in Cuiabá (MT), his AMAGGI is present in all regions of Brazil: farms, warehouses, offices, factories, river and road vehicles, port terminals, hydroelectric power plants. Internationally, the company has units and offices in Argentina, China, Holland, Norway, Paraguay and Switzerland.

AMAGGI’s Social and Environmental Management (Gestão Socioambiental AMAGGI, GSA) is based on ISO Standard 14001:2015 (Environment) and is required by the requirements of NBR 16001:2012 (Social Responsibility) and important certifications such as RTRS. conforms to the standards (Round Table on Responsible Soy), Proterra, ABR/BCI (Responsible Brazil Cotton, Algodão Brasileiro Responsável/Better Cotton Initiative). For Amagi, the development of sustainable business is directly linked to how to proceed with corporate activities that consider the impact on the environment. In that sense, over the years, we have stepped up our efforts to integrate a business model that builds and supports the adoption of strategic partnerships and broad, transparent commitments.

About Brazilian Cali

Brazil Cali has advanced the large development stage Cali project to near construction. Brazil, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing consumers of potash, imports 98% of its needs at high cost. As a result, over 1.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions are unnecessarily generated from maritime transport and potash production in jurisdictions with higher emission factors. The silvanite ore bodies of Brazilian potash are located alongside Brazil’s major rivers, allowing potash to be extracted, processed and distributed at the same cost that importers would pay for shipping alone. The company has completed a feasibility study, an EISA and obtained most of the permits required to build the project.

For more information, please contact:
Brazil Cali Investor Relations
[email protected]

Notes Note about it Forward-Looking Statements
all statement, other than statement of historic fact, include of this press release Configure “Forward-Looking statement that is base upon of Appropriate expectations, Estimate When projection of of Company that’s why of of date of this letter. of words “schedule,” “expect” Also “do No Predict,” “teeth Be expected,” “budget,” “schedule” “estimate,” “predict” “intend” “anticipate” Also “do No Predict,” Also “I believe” Also variation of like that words When phrase Also statement that identification action, event Also result “May,” “can,” “right” “Might be so,” Also “will Become I took it.” “Occur” Also “be Accomplished” When resemble formula identification Positive statement. Positive statement include, without it limit, statement about it the agreements entered into between Amaggi Group and Hermasa, the anticipated benefits and commercial impact of such agreements for us and Brazil; Projected Reductions in Greenhouse Gases, Indigenous Consultations process, completion of research and evaluation, receipt of installation license and progress in consultation with indigenous peoples, environmental or community benefits, government support for Autazes project, job creation and skills training for local communities, growth of Kali Antecedent conditions, including market, anticipated industry demand, our business strategy, currency fluctuations, government regulations, and environmental regulations.Forward-looking statements are necessarily based on many assumptions When Assumption that, in the meantime consideration Appropriate To of Company that’s why of of the date of like that statement, that is essentially subject To important work, economical When Competitiveness uncertainty When unforeseen circumstances. of Estimate When Assumption include of this letter, Which May Proof To Become Incorrect, include, However that is No exclusive to the of various Assumption of of Company setting forward here. Are known When do not know cause can cause actual result To different materially from Them projected of of Positive statement. like that cause include, However that is No exclusive To Fluctuation of of supply When demand for potash, change of Competitiveness pressure, include Pricing pressure, timing When amount of capital Spending, change of capital market When Correspondence effect upon of Company’s investment, change of currency When currency exchange price, unexpected geological Also environment conditions, change of When of effect of, government law, taxation, environment rules, Control When rule When Political Also economical development of jurisdiction of Which of Company bring upon this is work Also expect To conduct work, success of Retention Also Recruiting board member When director for of future success of of Company’s work, board member When director allocation their time To other venture; success of obtain Any requirement addition loan To Develop of autoses business; employee When community relationship, When risk related When obtain Any requirement license Also Allow. many of these are uncertainty When contingency can influence of Company’s actual result When can cause actual result To different materially from Them expressed Also suggestive of Any Positive statement make to the Also upon deputy of, of Company. there is can Become number guarantee that Positive statement intention Proof To Become correct, that’s why actual result When future event can different materially from Them is expected of like that statement. all of of Positive statement make of this letter that is qualified by these are cautious statement. these are cause that is No was intended To represent a completion list of of cause that can influence of Company. of Company Disclaimer Any Purpose Also obligation To update Also revision Any forward-looking statements; to exclude To of range requirement To Applicable law. of reader teeth warned No To place Excessive reliance upon Forward-Looking Statements.

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Brazil Cali has signed a binding offtake, marketing and barge transport agreement with AMAGGI, one of the world’s largest private soybean producers.Canadian Business Journal

Source link Brazil Cali has signed a binding offtake, marketing and barge transport agreement with AMAGGI, one of the world’s largest private soybean producers.Canadian Business Journal

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