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Boston Marathon Adds Nonbinary Category to 2023 Race

annual Boston Marathon Registration Date Thrilling for those who have achieved the eligibility criteria. Monday brought extra excitement for non-binary athletes hoping to run North America’s oldest marathon, as they were able to register in their category for the first time.

Boston Athletic Association (BAA) Admitted On Monday, they said they don’t yet have the data to create a new timing standard for non-binary athletes, but “are working on how non-binary participants will be accepted into the event.” For athletes, the eligibility criteria are the same as for female athletes. The BAA added that “qualifying times will be updated accordingly” for future races.

126th Boston Marathon.Photo: Kevin Morris

“Non-binary athletes who have completed a marathon as a non-binary participant during the current qualifying period (September 1, 2021 through September 16, 2023) may submit an entry application for the 2023 Boston Marathon. can be submitted,” the BAA said. . of 2023 Boston Marathon The registration application had the option to select non-binary regarding gender.

Nikki Hiltz BAA Miles
Nikki Hiltz running the BAA Mile Photo: Kevin Morris

professional runner Nicky Hiltz, She came out as transgender and non-binary in April of this year, after placing second on Sunday’s NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile. “There is still a lot of work to do, but I am thrilled that non-binary runners have been recognized by the Boston Marathon and the BAA,” Hirts tweeted.

The BAA plans to expand opportunities for nonbinary people not only in the marathon, but also in other BAA races, including 5K, 10K and half marathons.

In 2020, the Philadelphia Distance Run was the first major race in the United States. nonbinary division with a prize of equal value. The Brooklyn Marathon and Brooklyn Half followed in his April. His 8-2 competitors who registered as non-binary participants finished.

Boston Marathon Adds Nonbinary Category to 2023 Race

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