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BluWave-ai and Summerside to Present 100% Solar-Powered Concert During Bryan Adams’ 2022 Canadian Tour, The Canadian Business Journal

SUMMERSIDE, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The City of Summerside and BluWave-ai have completed North America’s first 100% time-shifted, solar-powered concert. The feat will be performed on Tuesday, August 31 from 8pm to 11pm at Prince of Canada’s Union Place in Summerside, Edward Island, credits to world-famous Canadian musician Bryan Adams. His 2022 Canada tour took place at the first stop on his tour. The concert took place indoors at night, utilizing solar and battery solutions. This milestone for BluWave-ai and Summerside builds off of a shared project announced earlier this year called the Canadian Smart Grid AI Center of Excellence in Summerside.

Partners were able to leverage the cloud-powered BluWave-ai energy optimization platform, BluWave-ai Edge and BluWave-ai Center, to forecast solar power generation during the day on August 31st. This allowed us to store enough solar capacity in the 890 kWh battery to cover the projected energy demands of the concert, including lighting, sound equipment and air conditioning. Even on a day of extreme sun fluctuations, the system was able to store enough solar energy to power the evening concert while keeping the building running before the concert.

Once the concert began, an automated platform took over, detecting the increased load caused by the concert and surrounding elements, and managing the stored solar energy to supply the concert load for three hours.

Below is a picture of the system on the day of the concert.

  • The AI ​​platform will free up enough battery capacity to charge the battery with solar power on the night of August 30-31 at the Summerside CUP on August 31, when the Bryan Adams concert will take place. came.
  • From about 8:00 am to about 12:00 pm, the battery was loaded with 496 kWh of accidental photovoltaic energy by setting a threshold. In this way, the sunlight generated in excess of capacity was transferred to batteries for the evening concerts, while the rest of the facility was able to operate on a combination of Summerside wind power and normal grid power.
  • A baseline of facility-wide power usage from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm AST on non-concert days showed the power load. During this period, facilities without concerts averaged 718.5 kWh.
  • The facility used 1173 kWh during the three hour concert. Total incremental energy from the concert was 454.5 kWh compared to a normal day.
  • During the concert, the BluWave-ai system supplied 496kWh of time-shifted green solar power via batteries, averaging over 165kW per hour, covering all the concert and related climate control needs.

100% cloud-based AI-optimized platform to showcase the performance of the BluWave-ai Canadian Smart Grid Center of Excellence, which will work with Summerside wind farms, solar arrays, battery storage, grid connections, and smart meter assets performance could be provided. Solar power concerts in less than 24 hours to configuration, commissioning and operationalization to support new demand for systems supporting green rock concerts.

In November 2021, BluWave-ai and the City of Summerside announced the completion of North America’s first end-to-end AI-optimized grid. This is the first industry proof point for a regionally and nationally applicable scalable system for transitioning energy networks. towards maximizing the use of renewable assets. In 2021, BluWave-ai won a major contract to evolve Summerside’s system utility manager software to integrate a new 26 megawatt solar and battery project.

Testing during Bryan Adams’ August 31st concert used a subset of the Summerside smart grid and AI control system to manage operations, perfectly matching the solar power to the concert load.

“As a testament to the robustness and flexibility of the BluWave-ai energy optimization platform, at very short notice the system was able to manage energy use in the arena and power the concert with 100% solar energy.” ” said Devashish Paul. CEO of BluWave-ai. “Once the constraints were identified, the automated platform took over. Supporting a grid with demand response and resilience without relying on , demonstrating another example of our live real-time streaming data and deployment to renewable energy assets.”

“Summerside is committed to growing a net-zero economy, with leading PEI Clean Tech Innovations investing in smart grids, building renewable energy generation, and using Samsung C&T solar and battery energy storage systems to power the CUP Arena. Created Microgrids: Established Canada’s Smart Grid AI Center of Excellence and hired BluWave-ai as a partner to provide AI-enabled control of city smart grids. We have decided to offer a 100% green solar energy concert experience in our arena to demonstrate our commitment to the future.We continue to invest in a green future and by 2023, Sunbank’s solar power plant and Using a storage facility, Summerside will use 70% renewable energy and aims to reach 100% in the near future.Industry to start operations in Summerside will work with partner BluWave-ai With Summerside’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, which we have demonstrated in concerts, you may be eligible for a range of clean technologies and first customer experience.”

“SDTC has been a proud supporter of BluWave-ai’s data-driven AI technology since 2018,” said Leah Lawrence, SDTC President. “There is no better way to showcase the power of this Canadian-born innovation than by harnessing the power of the sun to host a massive concert event by one of our country’s rock icons! And congratulations to the team at BluWave-ai and City of Summerside for leading the way in making the entertainment industry more sustainable.”

Even after a partially cloudy day, Summerside and BluWave-ai ensured 100% solar energy for the Bryan Adams concert by shifting the solar energy overproduction to the evening and matching it to the concert load. supplied. This proved that if solar-powered batteries could be connected to the event, the entertainment and sporting events industry could operate the event without relying on sophisticated carbon-emitting diesel-powered backup systems for added resilience. For Summerside, batteries and solar power are on site. Concert venues without this capability can charge their batteries off-site and instead of installing diesel generators that travel in diesel-powered trucks, they can be transported to the venue in electric trucks, with the same 100% clean. operation becomes possible.

Contact us to learn more about decarbonizing your city, utility or enterprise application. [email protected].

BluWave-ai research notes: According to existing public documentation of solar installations of equal or greater size at sports and recreational facilities across North America, any facility exceeding Summerside’s solar capacity is a purely conserved local I don’t have enough storage capacity to run a 3 hour 400+ kWh concert event generated. solar energy.

About Summerside

Summerside has long presented a compelling case for corporate investment with easy market access, low costs, sophisticated infrastructure and international partnerships. This makes Summerside’s value proposition very attractive. The city has quietly created a unique environment where local and international brands have access to an experienced workforce, world-class infrastructure, a supportive and engaging business community, and the support of a pro-business government. We also offer Fueled by investments in low-carbon energy and innovation, Summerside’s newest developer opportunity is grounded in solid, secure ROI principles.

About BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai is focused on promoting renewable energy and electric transport worldwide. Our solution applies artificial intelligence (AI) cloud software to optimize the cost, carbon footprint and reliability of various energy sources (both renewable and non-renewable) in real time. This enables our customers, utilities, fleet operators and power system operators, to improve energy-related decisions in planning and operating systems, reducing costs and carbon footprint. Every day our employees come to his BluWave-ai with a mission to decarbonize the planet by using hardware assets more efficiently with AI software. We are also building the world’s best renewable energy and transport electrification AI company based in Canada.

For more information, please contact:

Brandon Paul, Marketing, BluWave-ai

[email protected]


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BluWave-ai and Summerside to Present 100% Solar-Powered Concert During Bryan Adams’ 2022 Canadian Tour, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link BluWave-ai and Summerside to Present 100% Solar-Powered Concert During Bryan Adams’ 2022 Canadian Tour, The Canadian Business Journal

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