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Bitcoin.com Deploys Verse Development Fund to Expand Ecosystem – Press Releases Bitcoin News

press release. Bitcoin.coma digital ecosystem and secure self-custody platform that allows users to access and securely interact with cryptocurrencies and digital assetslaunches the Verse Development Fund, an initiative to accelerate growth and innovation. Bitcoin.compoetry ecosystem. In addition, the fund empowers tangible projects. Bitcoin.comspirit of economic freedom and democratized finance.

“Since 2015, Bitcoin.com He was a leader in introducing cryptocurrencies to beginners and guiding them on their digital asset investment journey. ” Said Bitcoin.com CEO Dennis Jarvis. “To date, we have built an incredible portfolio of products and services used by over 4 million individuals each month. The Verse Development Fund will harness the energy of this diverse and passionate community to It’s a way to build a more popular and stronger ecosystem.”

Fund to begin accepting grant applications from developers and other ecosystem participants in Q1 2023start by focusing on decentralized applications (dApps), integrations, projects and supporting events Bitcoin.compoetry community.

poetry, Bitcoin.comRewards and Utility Tokens are cross-chain tokens built on the ERC-20 standard and designed with broad EVM compatibility. VERSE will be integrated into Bitcoin.com‘s suite of products allows individuals to be rewarded for buying, selling, spending, exchanging, and providing information on cryptocurrencies.

“The VERSE token, and thus the entire Verse ecosystem, Bitcoin.comproducts and services, building loyalty and encouraging people to dig deeper where there are more opportunities to benefit from the financial freedom enabled by decentralized finance. ” Verse Development Fund lead Lizzie Eng said: “The resources made available by the fund will drive innovation and growth within Verse and broader Bitcoin.com This makes it even more valuable to the people who use it. ”

The VERSE token will launch in Q4 2022. public auction in November.

The fund will draw resources from the VERSE token supply. digital strategy and Blockchain.compurchased 10% of the VERSE token supply for $33.6 million in a private sale completed in May of this year. Reported by Bitcoin.com News. 34% of the VERSE token supply will be allocated to the Verse Development Fund. Tokens will be provided to the fund linearly, block by block, over a period of 7 years.

main component of Bitcoin.comThe ecosystem of

  • Award-winning news portal with over 2.5 million monthly active readers.
  • A user-friendly, self-managed multi-chain Web3 wallet consisting of over 34 million wallets.When
  • multi chain Bath DEX: A permissionless exchange where anyone can get a share of trading fees by funding a liquidity pool.

Developers and other ecosystem participants can stay up to date on the Verse Development Fund grant application process by visiting: https://getverse.com/fund/.

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Bitcoin.com Deploys Verse Development Fund to Expand Ecosystem – Press Releases Bitcoin News

Source link Bitcoin.com Deploys Verse Development Fund to Expand Ecosystem – Press Releases Bitcoin News

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