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Best money counting machines: Why should you try one?

Technology has changed our lives for the better, and we can’t deny this fact. It has improved efficiency and helps to save time. If we investigate the past, machines were not there to assist us in day-to-day activities. For instance, we used to count cash using manual ways in history. But in recent times, the cash counting machines have taken the place of manual methods. So, if you want to have something beneficial for your business, then cash machines are a good investment. It helps customers, consumers, and employers in multiple ways. But beginners are unaware of the technical details and don’t know which machine is better.

List of best money counting machines: A complete guide:

It doesn’t matter if the business is a small retail shop, supermarket, corporate company, or financial institute; cash counting is a challenging task. However, due to this, you feel exhausted and frustrated sometimes. But you need to understand that:

“Time is precious.”

So, it means you can’t spend all day counting money. Thus, if you want to solve this problem, buying a cash counting machine is a wise and affordable decision. But in the marketplace, there are plenty of devices, and you need to research before investing money. So, here is the list of better machines than others for your ease.


Swagger is the number one machine on our list. It has surpassed other types due to its performance. Moreover, it is one of the best brands that you can find online. The swagger is easy to use, and you don’t need any specific technical skills to operate the machine. It’s vital to mention that the device comes with automatic cash counting sensors. However, the operations are easy and trustworthy due to the intelligent sensors. So, read these pros and cons to know more about the machine:

Pros Cons
Easy, safe and reliable device Sometimes show error
Come with an adjustable width to fit currency Customer support service could be better
Come with an LCD to see the readings  
Electric-type model  


Moreover, it has a powerful copper motor which makes the transmission easy, and it weighs only 98kg. Besides, the swaggers have a counting speed of 1000 notes/min. In short, it’s a suitable device that is worth buying.


A cash machine is vital if you want to keep track of day-to-day financial activities or while making payroll or money counting machines. For instance, money counting in payroll is crucial even if you are using software like check stub maker. So, there isn’t anything better than Gobbler money counting machine in this regard. The display of the device makes the experience hassle-free and easy to use. Moreover, the device produces accurate, stable, and precise results in a short time. Here are other advantages & disadvantages that make it unique from others:

Pros Cons
Comes with preset, auto start, and LED display Doesn’t have the ability to differentiate between paper money and other currency
It has counting sensors and high-quality rubber wheels.  
The counting speed is 1000 notes/min.  
Simple, customer friendly, easy to use, and gives accurate results  


Apart from this, the machine weighs only 87kg, and due to its high-quality features, it can be used for a long time. So, it’s a perfect fit for industries, banks, hospitals, and other financial institutes if you want.


If you prefer a lightweight option, this model is a good choice. It brought a revolutionary change in the industry by counting 1000 notes in a few seconds. However, it’s possible due to the design because it can count plenty of notes in one go. The high-quality sensors and motor ensure that money counting is accurate. Recently, the developers have been working to form a mechanism of APN settings for android. If there is any ambiguity in counting, an LED display is available to help.

Pros Cons
Digital display with a dust cleaning brush and power cable The indicator light may give wrong signals
It comes with an easy-to-read manual  
It weighs only 33kg, which makes it lightweight.  
Counting is accurate  


Moreover, the machine is suitable for all currencies worldwide. So, its fantastic features are widely used as an assistant tool in the corporate world.

Semacon S-1615 bank-grade machine:

It is widely used in banks for counting and sorting money. However, the primary purpose is to check the large volume of banknotes by taking a closer look. Due to its unique features, it is suitable for banks, credit card firms, retailers, and casinos. Above all, the machine can work 24/7 without overheating because it comes with efficient and reliable bill feed technology. The bill feed technology can process all kinds of notes, from brand new to worn out. Besides, the less weight is another plus point of this machine which is only 18lbs.

Pros Cons
It can count 1800 notes per minute Customer support may be faulty sometimes
The machine comes with four different counting speeds.  
You can customize it to work with other currencies than the US dollar.  
LED display  


It’s easy to use and has a control panel that consists of a 10-digit keypad. The built-in features can detect and analyze errors.

Features to look for before buying a money counting machine:

Many money counting machines are on the market, but it’s hard for beginners to choose the best one. So, here are standard features that you shouldn’t ignore while looking for a new machine:

Counting speed:

You are buying a money counting machine because you need to count lots of money. So, it is the first feature that you shouldn’t ignore. If the device works faster, it will save more energy and time. So, always look for a reputable brand with super high counting speed.

Noise level:

The other thing that you shouldn’t ignore is the machine’s noise level. If a device doesn’t produce much noise, then it will be easier for you to concentrate on the work. So, look for a machine with low noise, and you can proceed with work undisturbed.

Other qualities:

Apart from this, other qualities will help you make a wise decision. So, here are other points:

  • Get the accurate machine
  • A device that has counterfeit detection
  • Reasonable price
  • Get a device that is easy to operate
  • Has the ability to detect fake notes

Moreover, buy a machine that can count large volumes of banknotes. In addition to this, don’t ignore other features like sorting and batching. It will save time, effort, and manual labor in the long run. So, don’t forget to read this guide, and in this way, you can avoid mistakes while buying the machine.

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