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Best Investment – Home Trends Magazine

Real estate is said to be the safest investment option, and for good reason. Let’s say you buy a rental property. You rent the property for 10 years. The value of your home will stay the same (and is unlikely to go up in most cases) for this decade, and you’ll be able to make ends meet on the rent you’ve collected even after you’ve paid off your mortgage payments and expenses. After 10 years, with the rental income covering the mortgage payments, the 20% down payment on the principal repayment of the mortgage alone yields a 9-11% annual rate of return. Alternatively, let’s say property values ​​increase by 5% per year over the long term. This equates to a 25% annual return on a 20% down payment!

The easiest way to start building your own real estate investment portfolio is with the equity available in your primary residence. Did you know that every $100,000 of accessible equity in your home can cover the down payment needed to invest in a rental property worth $500,000? $150,000 = $750,00, $200,000 = $1,000,000, etc! A great way to leverage your existing stocks to build a strong and secure investment portfolio.

The key to real estate investment success is working with a team of experienced professionals to provide you with the best possible financial advice and help you build a mortgage plan tailored to your needs. Synergy Mortgage Group has been ranked among Canada’s Top 75 Brokers by Canadian Mortgage Experts for the past three years. we do It does this by demonstrating the benefits of investing in rental properties and earning long-term returns of 25-40% per annum on the investment.

– Josh Perez, www.synergymortgagegroup.com

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Canadian Home Trends Magazine provides a personalized tour of the finest homes and condos across Canada. Find inspiration in home décor products, trend reports, and simple yet stylish DIY projects. Each issue offers tools to recreate the designer spaces you’ve always dreamed of having in your home, detailed renovation and design advice, his palette of colors and furniture combinations, and the best places to shop in Canada.

Best Investment – Home Trends Magazine

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