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Best cryptocurrencies to launch in 2023

As we enter the final quarter of 2022, it’s time to start broadening our horizons for the next year to identify some of the best cryptocurrency projects to launch in 2023.

It may seem a little early to think this far ahead, but it’s always best to be ahead of the herd and join early.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cryptocurrencies set to launch in 2023.

1. IMPT.io

IMPT.io is an ecosystem aimed at helping businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint using NFT technology. The platform provides an easy way for a user to purchase verified carbon credits in the form of his NFTs.

The IMPT.io ecosystem consists of four main components that work together to form the overall platform. Components include shopping platforms, carbon marketplaces, social platforms, and carbon credits to NFT features.

The shopping platform is one of its great features, allowing users to get carbon credits while doing regular shopping. In addition, the team partners with leading global retailers to participate in his IMPT.io, with each retailer ready to allocate a certain percentage of sales profits to environmental projects.

When a user purchases a product on the shopping platform, the sales margin will be held in the user’s account in IMPT tokens until they have enough tokens to purchase carbon credits. One carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere.

The Carbon Marketplace allows users to easily buy, sell and retire carbon credits through NFTs. Once carbon credits are decommissioned, the NFT will be sent to the burner address and removed from circulation.

This social platform will be the first social media platform connecting people and environmental projects. Additionally, the team envisions the platform to be the first to offer a global score that allows users to easily track their carbon footprint.

The fact that carbon credits are tokenized on the blockchain assures users that there is no double counting of carbon credits or fraud. Furthermore, it helps remove the complexity of today’s fragmented carbon credit market and provide complete transparency and traceability.

IMPT.io is currently holding a pre-sale of IMPT tokens. In the “early adopter” phase, he had 90 million tokens sold in just a few weeks. The pre-sale will be phased and the first phase will sell he 600 million tokens for $0.018. According to their roadmap, the market for carbon credits is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

Access the IMPT.io presale

2. Tadpole

Tamadoge is touted as one of the likely rivals to both SHIB and DOGE as it is a memecoin that can provide utility to its holders. This project is his P2E (play-to-earn) game that is fun for everyone to play, regardless of your interest in cryptocurrency.

Tamadoge recently unveiled its $TAMA token towards the end of September 2022, with the first token release being hosted on top-tier exchange OKX. The token may have launched, but we are excited to see the $TAMA price potentially explode in 2023.

For example, users are still looking forward to the release of P2E games due to launch in Q4 2022. Tamadoge will then release his Metaverse in 2023, exploring partnerships with other Metaverses where he will use NFTs as avatars to increase the experiences you can play and earn across P2E arcades.

Perhaps the most awaited feature is the augmented reality platform. Scheduled for Q4 2023, the AR platform will allow users to take care of their maddened pets as if they were in the real world.

Overall, Gyokudoumo has a lot to look forward to in 2023.

3. Cocky

Cocky is a dedicated NFT lifestyle club that provides owners with access to world-class music events. Parasol Group has created a project that seeks to change the definition of utility in the NFT space by offering an exclusive real-world experience for all owners.

The NFT collection consists of 10,000 Cocky Can NFTs with 51 different skin variations and a tiered system of benefits to their owners. One nice feature of NFTs is that they display “mutations” in the background to show their owner joining her Cocky ecosystem over time.

The project plans to release the NFT collection in Q4 2022, with the first event launching in Q1 2023. The team plans to host at least two in-person electronic music events per year, in addition to regular virtual events via live streams.

One of the great things about Cocky is that it is held in a prestigious location that pays special attention to the landscape, culture and history of the place where the event is held. If you have received your ticket but are unable to attend, it can be sold to other Cocky NFT holders on the secondary market.

All in all, Cocky is set to rock the entire event space in 2023, exclusively accessible to NFT holders only.

Best cryptocurrencies to launch in 2023

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