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Behind the Scenes – Home Trend Magazine

Whole Care Childcare is a day care facility opening in January 2023. The center is unique in that it is inclusive and dedicated to empowering Indigenous, marginalized and underserved communities, individuals, and families. Children with autism, sensory processing disorders (SPD), and behavioral problems can relax in our state-of-the-art sensory room, daily meditation, and yoga. They will invite indigenous elders and artists from the community to host educational activities and arts and crafts.

Designer Stephanie Hilton has been working with UGTS (Unique Get Together Society) on this project for the past two years. Finding the right property was no easy task. A large outdoor playground, an infant care space and enough space for her 3-5 person space, plus a sensory room and office had to fulfill a long list of wishes. An old commercial separated house turned out to be the perfect solution, so the renovation has begun!

Unlike most nurseries, Stephanie avoided using bold colors in this project. “I had to go back to my school days and learn about color theory for people with autism and SPD.”

The resulting neutral color scheme of soft pastels and light wood tones creates a calming environment for all children.

The Center embraces 21st century learning styles that refer to learning, literacy, and life skills development as part of the classroom experience. Learning skills include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. These have been identified as essential for successfully adapting to modern work environments. In a daycare setting, this means having moveable, adaptable furniture that facilitates all types of learning and a variety of activities. It also gives kids the freedom and autonomy to choose what feels right for them that day.

The facility offers a variety of learning and activity spaces for children to learn and explore their interests. For example, reading nooks, soft and hard seating, floor seating, traditional chair seating, standing activity tables, and a variety of individuals or groups. activities they can choose from.

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Canadian Home Trends Magazine provides a personalized tour of the finest homes and condos across Canada. Find inspiration in home d├ęcor products, trend reports, and simple yet stylish DIY projects. Each issue offers tools to recreate the designer spaces you’ve always dreamed of having in your home, detailed renovation and design advice, his palette of colors and furniture combinations, and the best places to shop in Canada.

Behind the Scenes – Home Trend Magazine

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