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BC expands cancer coverage in firefighters

“Despite safety equipment, firefighters are exposed to dangerous substances from burning materials,” says Labor Minister Harry Baines. “Over time, exposure can lead to serious, sometimes fatal illness, and prompt treatment is critical. We are proud to support these brave workers who are risking their lives.”

Following the addition of breast cancer, prostate cancer and multiple myeloma to the list of occupational diseases for firefighters in 2017, British Columbia also added cervical, ovarian and penile cancers to the list in March. The act of reversing heart disease in firefighters as a presumed disease.

If a firefighter develops any of the listed cancers after a period of employment, the cancer is presumed to be attributable to their employment.Firefighters must prove that the cancer is work related. and are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Some interested parties welcome the development.

“Awareness of the health challenges facing firefighters is critical to firefighters who risk their lives every day in our communities,” said Gord, president of the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Association. Ditchburn said. “We are very grateful to this government for listening to us, expanding the list of work-related cancers, and better supporting firefighters in BC.”

BC expands cancer coverage in firefighters

Source link BC expands cancer coverage in firefighters

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