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Bathroom Design Tips – Home Trends Magazine

  1. Superior Towels Choose a high quality cotton towel in bath size. High quality towels last longer and retain their shape and color.Some people love Turkish towels perfect for the spa bath or around the pool or beach during summer

Saint-Pierre Home Fashion Collection

2. Quality Toilets Toilets are both form and function. They will always be a part of the North American bathroom. Look for a toilet that is long and comfortable height. The toilet bowl is a little longer and the seat height is a little higher than a normal toilet bowl. Low-flow toilets use less water (to help with cash flow), and high-quality porcelain bowls stay clean longer.

Kohler, www.kohler.ca

3. Porcelain or stone tiles For a spa-like experience, floor-to-ceiling stone tiles are wise. It can be expensive, but now with the advent of porcelain tiles that mimic stone, they are affordable and look incredibly beautiful. Use the same tiles from to create the floor and walls. A simple bathroom gives a more spacious and calm impression. Combined with the stone bench in the shower, it not only helps you shave your legs, but it also ages in place.Your bathroom will feel like a 5 star hotel!


4. Vanities with great storage From factory workers to things you order online, there are many ways to get great vanities. If you do your homework well, online is a great way to keep costs down. They often come with a dressing table and a sink, and the consumer is responsible for the faucet. If you can’t get what you need, consider a custom vanity. Having an organized vanity helps you start your day on the right foot!

Cabinet Store, www.cabstore.ca

5. Exhaust Fan Bathrooms sometimes need repair due to humidity that breaks down paint, grout and silicone. A good (and quiet) extractor fan can make a big difference in the longevity of your finishes and fixtures.

Panasonic www.panasonic.com

6. Strip Drain Strip drain allows you to move the shower drain to one side or the other. It eliminates the need to place a central drain in the middle of the shower for a sleeker look. Drains can also be hidden under tile inserts, decorative grilles, or benches. Most importantly, large format tiles can be used for the shower floor as there is no need to use mosaic to create a bowl shape for the central drain. Simply grade the large format tiles towards the strip drain. Sleek, bold, clean.

7. High quality faucet Use a high performance, high quality faucet. Use it at least twice a day, every time you use the bathroom, seven days a week. Interior materials for faucets (including showers) must withstand use and remain functional and beautiful over the long term. Leaks are the worst, so this is not the place to save money and splurge on what works for you.

House of Rolls, www.houseofrohl.com

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Glen Peloso, National Design Editor of Canadian Home Trends, entered the world of design 20 years ago after completing a master’s degree in fine arts.as principal Graphs Design Inc.he has worked in residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces for clients in several countries, during which he has successfully designed over 300 projects.A TV Celebrity Designer and Canadian Home Trends National Design Contributor, Glen , Recognized as Design Expert for The Marilyn Denis Show, Restaurant Makeover on Internationally Popular Television Show Foodnetwork/HGTV and W Network “Buy and Sell This House”, “Slice Network” Show, Wardrobe refurbished.


Bathroom Design Tips – Home Trends Magazine

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