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Athletics Canada Announces Canadian Team for World Mountain and Trail Championships

Six women’s and 12 men’s teams head to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to compete in the first-ever World Mountain and Trail Championships. The Mountain and Trail World Championships have historically been held separately.

Canadian athletes will race in the women’s and men’s categories in all four senior-level events of the championship. 80K and 40K trail races, classic up-down events, uphill-only mountain races (aka vertical rise).Some athletes such as Squamish, BC Alexandre Ricard, race in multiple events. Ricard will compete in both the Vertical Climb and Classic Up and Down Championships.

Alexandre Ricard in training with Squamish Chief Photo: Instagram/alexandrericard

Head coach of Team Canada Adrian Lambert The newness of the event makes it difficult to know what the size of the competition will be, but he shared that he expects the athletes to battle the best. “Canada has a history of strong performances in both world-class trail running and mountain running championships,” Lambert said. We want to continue that with our combined championships.”

Callum Neff
Callum Neff is known for his fast road races. Photo: Instagram/calumneff

The team boasts some accomplished athletes and famous names on the men’s side. Callum Neff He previously held the Canadian 50K record and is known for his record-breaking stroller-pushing marathons. His teammate Ricard recently won the Squamish 50 Trail in his event where he won the 23K race. “Ricard is now unstoppable in uphill racing and it will be interesting to see how he takes on the best in the world,” said Lambert.

Photo: Mundo Sports Images

On the female side, Sasha Golish We will face the event after the attention Masters season. Already a world record holder for the women’s indoor mile over 40 miles, Gorish, who is a member of his Canadian squad for his 2022 NACAC Half Marathon Championships, raced last weekend at the Canadian Mountain and Trail vertical. climb, again showing his wide set of skills.Running Championships in Vernon, British Columbia

Team Canada players and their events

Alexandre Ricard Men’s Classic Uphill & Classic Up & Down
Callum Neff Men’s Short Trail (40km)
Danny Racine Men’s Short Trail (40km)
David Jeker Men’s long trail (80km)
Jean-Philippe Thibodeaux Men’s long trail (80km)
Jeffrey Campbell Men’s long trail (80km)
Chris Swanson Uphill & Classic Up & Down
Martin Dagenais Men’s Short Trail (40km)
Mathieu Duvet Men’s long trail (80km)
mat tribe Men’s long trail (80km)
Remy Leroux Men’s Classic Uphill & Classic Up & Down
Sean Stevens-Whale Men’s Classic Uphill & Classic Up & Down

Joanie Desroches Women’s long trail (80km)
Kelsey Leppard Women’s Short Trail (40km)
Kelly Lovebrek women’s vertical uphill
Maika Lamlou Women’s Long Trail (80km)
Sasha Golish Women’s Classic Uphill & Classic Up & Down
Shannon Penway Women’s Classic Uphill & Classic Up & Down

For event details and race schedules, please visit: here.

Athletics Canada Announces Canadian Team for World Mountain and Trail Championships

Source link Athletics Canada Announces Canadian Team for World Mountain and Trail Championships

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