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Assault 20 minutes before French hurdles win national title

400 meters hurdle at the French Athletics Championships in Caen, France on Saturday night Wilfried Happio He was beaten 20 minutes before the start of his race. After a while, Happio won the French 400mH title with a bandaged eye. This is below the world standard and is the fifth fastest personal best time for the French people to date at 48.57 seconds.

according to RMC sports And Happio’s coach, Olivier VallaeysWhile Happio was warming up, Hadler was assaulted in the warm-up area by an individual who appeared “out of nowhere”. Security guards stood on the scene, immediately intervened, immediately called the city police and arrested the attacker. The motive for the attack was not disclosed, but Happio told reporters that the man asked, “Are you Wilfried Happio?” Before hitting his face.

Happio was struck in the nose and eyes and was bleeding from the nose as he passed through the media zone after a while. He ended up using his adidas headband as a bandage during the race.

Vallaeys said French newspaper L’Équipe That Happio is okay. His injury was treated at a local hospital after the race. “We are shocked. The man has been arrested. Wilfried is okay. But I’m speechless. This is a pure attack. It’s ridiculous,” said Vallaseeys. rice field.

The French Athletics Federation filed civil and criminal charges against the man on Sunday.

Assault 20 minutes before French hurdles win national title

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