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Andriy Veselyy plans to show legendary picture “Russian Warship…” to Ukrainian diasporas in Europe and Canada

Boris Groh’s legendary painting “Russian warship, go f…” will go on a charity tour of the cities of Canada and Europe. Andriy Veselyy, the founder of the Charitable Foundation Rodyny Veseloho, explains how local exhibitions will be held and how the money raised during these events will be used.

The organization bought the original painting “Russian warship, go f…” at a charity auction in Lviv. The picture has become a symbol of the Ukrainian people’s resistance to Russian aggression. It depicts the cruiser “Moskva”, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, that was sunk by Ukrainian defenders. Inspired by Boris Groh’s painting, Ukroposhta issued a stamp of the same name. On the first day of the release, this stamp was sold in the amount of more than 800,000 copies.

The auction in Lviv became a part of the “1000 Cars of Freedom” project. All proceeds were used to purchase two ambulances for Ukrainian soldiers in the combat zone.

The first city to host the exhibition with the legendary picture was Drohobych, Lviv region. The thematic event was held on July 16, and in addition to the exhibition itself, it included a charity concert by Ukrainian rapper Khas, as well as a fundraiser for the Ukrainian army. Since the event was held on the city’s central square, the residents and guests of Drohobych could join it. In addition, children and other citizens could write letters of support to the servicemen on the frontline. According to Andriy Veselyy, the written messages will be sent to the front along with vehicles, and the funds raised will be enough to maintain them.

After Drohobych, the exhibitions and fundraising will be held in the cities of Canada and Europe. As Andriy Veselyy notes, the foundation will hand over the picture to the Ukrainian diaspora representatives and charitable organizations providing help to Ukraine in these trying times.


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