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Anatomy of the scene: Cottage country comedy “Lake”

Eight-episode Amazon Prime series set in northeastern Ontario begins streaming on Friday

Set in northeastern Ontario, Amazon Prime Video’s new eight-episode series That lake A cottage country comedy based roughly on the life of writer Julian Dorset. The show follows Justin (Jordan Gavalis). Justin (Jordan Gavalis) returns from Australia to Ontario in the summer to coordinate his relationship with 16-year-old Billy (Madison Chamon), who gave up adoption when he was in high school. Knowing that his deceased father left her family hut for his sister-in-law, Macy May (Julia Stiles), Justin decided to expel her from her property. increase. Here, Gavaris, Stiles and Shamoun are discussing the subsequent Hyzink.


After Billy drinks too much at a community event, Justin tries to distract Macy May’s husband by challenging him to “tilt” —Camping game with joust Your opponent will leave the canoe. The stakes are high: the winner can keep the cottage.of The scene in the photo above, The Stiles character is watching from bystanders with his son Opal. “I have a strategy for Plan B. Plan C, how to make sure you don’t lose your cottage, “says Stiles. “I want my brother-in-law to lose. It’s mostly Maisy-May MO.”


Filmed in North Bay, Ontario, the show did not use a sound stage and relied on the natural beauty of Lake Nipissing. “I hope people can understand that the lake is really a lake, not a green screen. Everything you see is 100% real,” says Shamoun. She likens her filming experience to a summer camp. She also appreciated the scenery of Gavaris, who grew up near Toronto. “When you go to work and know if you want to turn, you’re on a cliff and overlooking the lake. It was very spectacular,” he says.

Cottage life

The cast stayed in that place Immerse yourself in local traditions during the shoot.Gavaris and Shamoun performed their own on most tilted scenes Stunt. “Whenever I see me hit the ground, I hit the ground. Gusto! “Shamon says.I found a bite A Canadian cottage community that is also attractive at the social level — something that the show pays attention to. “When you are in the lake, it’s the only lake in A planet for these people, “she says.


There was plenty of room for An actor who contributes to the looks of the character. One challenge with Maisy-May costumes is Stiles were 4, 5 and 6 months pregnant. Manufacture. “That’s where the Maisy-May kaftan came in,” she says. Gavaris says his outfit evolved with his character. “When I first met Justin, he wore a hat and a Jacquemus shirt. It’s all a small Bondi beach, “he says. “Then, going further on our story, his outfit becomes a little more cottage.”

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Anatomy of the scene: Cottage country comedy “Lake”

Source link Anatomy of the scene: Cottage country comedy “Lake”

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