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Worst NFL Coaches Of The Decade

Coaches can be legendary leaders and brilliant tacticians (Tom Landry, Bill Belichick, George Halas). Others, not so much. Taking the blame for everything, they have talent-deprived teams that make bad judgment calls, and some are just plain bad.

Here are 10 of the worst coaches in NFL history.

1. Steve Spagnuolo

Record: 11-41 (0.212%)

Teams: L.A. Rams, New York Giants

From 2009-2011 the Rams had an abysmal 10-38. After their 2-14 season (2011), they fired Spagnuolo. Despite returning to the Giants, they let the Whitinsville native go (2018) after only making 1-3.

Spagnuolo, like Freddie Kitchens, wants another shot. “I’d like to get another crack at a head-coaching job. But I will not listen. I don’t stay up nights thinking about it.”

Maybe they did not like his Four Pillars approach.

2. Romeo Crennel

Record: 32-63 (0.337%)

Teams: Greenbay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs

If you question who has the worst NFL coaching record, Crennel is a mixed bag. The five-time Super Bowl champ’s assistant coach highlight reel includes snapping Green Bay’s undefeated streak. But, with head coaching, meh.

Known for a Soft Hammer strategy, Crennel replaced Todd Haley (2011). By 2012, despite six Pro Bowlers, they went 2-14, while four-Pro Bowler defense would rank 25th (points allowed).

In a quarterback quandary with Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel, the Jovan Belcher CTE tragedy struck. With Andy Reid and Alex Smith helping, the Chiefs had a 2013 turnaround record of 11-5.

Crennel, the oldest NFL coach (nearly 40 years), retired in July.

3. Gus Bradley

Record: 12-38 (0.226%)

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

“Only coach with a worse record was Eagles‘ Bert Bell in 1936-1941″ Michael David Smith. They could not fire Bradley because he was an owner.

While not the worst head coach in NFL history, Bradley is among the top three worst NFL coaches.

The Jags missed the top 20 three out of four years but had a 2017 comeback as their Sacksonville unit almost led to Super Bowl LII.

4. Pat Shurmur

 Record: 19-46, .292

Team: New York Giants

If you look up what NFL coach lost the most games, one of the worst NFL coaches of the decade, Shurmur’s name will come up after two underwhelming seasons and finishing 9-23.

Fired in 2019, he is the only coach who ended with a worse record than the person he replaced.

5. Matt Patricia

Record: 13-29 (0.302%)

Teams: New England Patriots, Detroit Lions

A hack. The second coming of Marty Mornhinweg. The worst coach in NFL history, Matt beat Belichick in week 3 of 2018. Outside of that, not much else.

With a mediocre team, Patricia got his pink slip in 2020. While some might miss him in the division, others are glad he is back in New England.

6. Doug Marrone

Record: 63-85 (0.426%)

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

In 2017, the Jaguars were heading to the AFC Championship. Despite the native New Yorker’s limited offensive talent, they would earn a 10-6 record and win the AFC South. But things went downhill fast.

By 2018, Saint Doug’s team finished last (5-11). Fired by Jacksonville (2020), Marrone had a one-win record, and his 1-15 season earned him a 23-43 record.

The Khan franchise only made the playoffs once since 2008, a reminder that management changes can affect morale. To mitigate losses, have a successful NFL betting strategy.

7. Urban Meyer

Record; 2-11, 2021

Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars

Among the worst NFL coaches of the decade is Urban Meyer. With two national championships (Ohio State, Florida), Meyer coached the Jaguars after Marrone’s firing.

The Jags went 2-11 and never scored over 21 points per game. By February 2021, Meyer hired Iowa coach Chris Doyle who resigned the next day over racist remarks.

First, a groping scandal after the 24-21 Bengals loss, then player abuse claims surfaced. With four games left, the Jaguars fired Meyer.

8. Bill O’Brien

Record: 69-61 (0.531%)

Teams: Houston Texans, Penn State

O’Brien came in like a wrecking ball with 3 stars (Watts, Watson, Hopkins) but failed to deliver.

The Brown Alum used a Chip Kelly move and traded Hopkins to the Cardinals and their First Round pick from 2020. The team would struggle to win their first four games, and O’Brien was out with a win-or-gone game against the Vikings.

While no McDaniels or Patricia, O’Brien did get the Texans to the playoffs.

9. Jim Tomsula

Record: 12-15 (0.444%)

Team: San Francisco 49ers

When you search for what NFL coach makes the most money or who is the meanest coach in the NFL, add Tomsula’s name to the list of worst coaching tactics.

Among his soft approach strategies were short practices, phone breaks, and shaking player hands after record losses.

By 2015, they were 5-11 and had the worst offense in history. A game against St. Louis would be Jim’s last.

10. Hue Jackson

Record: 11-44-1 (0.205%)

Teams: Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns

When researching the worst coaches in NFL 2022 history, look for Hue Jackson (Browns, 2016).

Jackson started the season 7-4, but after several front office clashes with Sashi Brown (2017), he had to start DeShone Kizer for almost the entire season.

The team’s radical rebuild did not help. They missed the playoffs and ended 11-4 before his dismissal. Hence, it pays to study your teams.

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Other tips:

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Nothing to See Here, Folks!

While most coaches effectively influence teams, others succumb to pressure and disastrously impact theirs. Hence, firing a coach is sometimes the only alternative for a turnaround and the playoffs.


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