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Alexander Sorokin breaks his own 24-hour record

Lithuanian Alexander Sorokin top of the world. Ultrarunners are unstoppable, repeatedly breaking records previously thought to be unbreakable. On Saturday, he ran his 319.614 kilometers at the IAU 24 Hours European Championships in Verona, Italy, breaking his previous 24-hour record from 2021. In 2021, Sorokin ran his 309.4 kilometers in his 24 hours, beating the legendary athlete. Yannis Kouris303.3km of ’97 record.

Photo: Instagram/aleksandrsorokin

Sorokin shared on Instagram that he averaged a pace of 4:30/km over the 24 hours, started at a pace of 3:55-3:58/km and finished the race in 5:05-5:10. did. /km pace. “I’m very tired, but I’m doubly excited,” added Sorokin before thanking his supporters.

At the end 7 years Sorokin’s fast-starting style and never-die attitude have paved his way to the top of the international 24-hour game. Over the last few years, his work has begun to break records, record after record. In 2019 Sorokin won the World Championship in Albi, France where he ran 278.972 km.

Alexander Sorokin 24 Hours Endurance Champion
Photo: Instagram/aleksandrsorokin

Sorokin, 41, didn’t start running until 2013, when he was 32. At that time, I was not playing sports. All I did was drink and smoke. ” He knew he needed to change his lifestyle. “Then I started running,” he says. “The whole point of running is that you can do more than you think you can,” says Sorokin. He is motivated by the endless challenges in the sport and inspired by his community of running. “I hope my journey has inspired others to pursue their goals.”

Sorokin mixed fuel Consume water, electrolyte drinks, cola, and burn about 400 calories per hour from a variety of gels, chips, cookies, and candies.

“It’s a synergy between the physical and mental states of the body and mind,” Sorokin says of his phenomenal performance. He emphasizes the importance of being physically and mentally prepared for his event. Sorokin currently holds his seven world records: 98.5 km, 100K (6 hours 5 minutes), 100 miles (10 hours 51 minutes), 12 hours (177.4 km) and his 6-hour record of 24 hours. increase.

The world is watching what this remarkable athlete can achieve as he continues his ultrarunning career.

You can see the full results of the IAU 24 Hours European Championships here.

Alexander Sorokin breaks his own 24-hour record

Source link Alexander Sorokin breaks his own 24-hour record

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