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According to experts, how to do eyebrows at home

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For the past few years we have had to take a cosmetology routine. Gel nail polish removal To Hair color— In our own hands. But eyebrows are a completely different ball game. If professionals are accustomed to waxing, threading, and flipping eyebrows, it can be overwhelming and a little scary to think about cleaning and shaping the arch yourself. there is.Tap Veronica Trang, the founder of the Toronto Salon Pretty in the City, And Breigh Bellavance, National Brow Artist at Benefit Cosmetics of Canada, offers the best tips on eyebrow maintenance at home. This includes how to find the best eyebrow shape for your face.

Here’s everything you need to know before reaching for tweezers.

What is the best way to get your eyebrows straightened at home?

When it comes to eyebrow maintenance at home, less is definitely more. Both Bellavance and Tran agree that the easiest way to clean the arch yourself is with tweezers, and it’s best to leave more complex eyebrow shaping techniques such as waxing and threading to a specialist. increase. “Tweets are the best insurance because we choose one hair at a time,” says Bellavance. “Waxing removes some hair at once and has a lot of variables, so it’s like gambling. I don’t want to experiment with eyebrows.”

What tools do you need?

All you need to do to get eyebrow care into your hands is to shape it with tweezers and a thin eyebrow pencil.

A good pair of diagonal tweezers is the key. Tweezers tools are a popular choice among eyebrow professionals, but Bellavance vows Benefit Cosmetics tweezers with a convenient grooming brush on one end.

Good light is also important to achieve the best possible results. “Natural light doesn’t lie,” says Veravance, who suggests finding a comfortable place near the windows.

What you are most likely to do please do not All you need is a magnifying glass. It distorts reflections and can easily lead to excessive picking. To avoid giving yourself thinner eyebrows than you intended, use a regular old table mirror instead.

How can I find the shape of the eyebrows?

The best eyebrow style for your face is usually what you have naturally, so it’s important to respect your natural shape. To find the ideal shape, Bellavance suggests using the eyebrow pencil as a guide to map the eyebrows. This creates a “box” around the eyebrows that acts as a safe zone, allowing you to pluck the outer hair of the box without worrying about changing the natural shape of the eyebrows. Here’s how to find the shape:

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Take the eyebrow pencil and hold it upwards with the outer nostrils so that the eyebrow pencil intersects the top of the eyebrows. Use a pencil to mark the location with a line.

To find the arch of your eyebrows, take your eyebrow pencil, hold it in the outer nostrils, cross the outer iris and mark the location with a line.

To find out where the tail of the eyebrow ends, take the eyebrow pencil to the outer nostril, go to the corner of the eye, and re-line it there.

When you’re done, connect these points in a straight line, being careful not to hug your eyebrows too much. “I want to put my eyebrows in this box, so I know I’m not digging into my shape when I’m picking it,” Bellavance adds. If the mapping process seems overwhelming, Tran’s simple trick is to fill the eyebrows with make-up, much like when preparing for the morning and tweezers around its shape.

How can I tweak my eyebrows in a * correct * way?

“When you’re wearing tweezers, you always have to keep your skin firm,” says Tran. “Put your finger on the root of the root and tweezers in the direction of hair growth.” This will minimize pain and prevent damage to the hair follicles.

Both experts also say that when following the DIY route, you should avoid pinching over the arch and stick to hair loss under and between the eyebrows. “We need more aerial photographs to see what the upper hair is doing for you,” Bellavance said, adding that over-plucking the upper part can reduce functionality. I did. If your dark and coarse hair is interfering with your shape, you can lift each one with tweezers and pull carefully. “Even if one hair is misaligned, it can lose its shape,” says Tran. “If in doubt, leave it alone.”

How can I achieve a defined and accurate arch?

What are the sharply defined eyebrow secrets you’ll find everywhere on Instagram? “Often it’s a great mix of eyebrow shape and makeup,” says Bellavance. A thin pencil will help you create the vivid shapes you’ve always dreamed of. She suggests naturally as close to the desired shape as possible and sharpening the outer edge of the eyebrows with a hair-like pencil stroke.

Moreover, the eyebrows are rarely symmetrical. This means that you may need a little make-up magic to achieve a uniform look. Attempting to match them by hair removal can result in finer eyebrows than you wanted. Changing the natural shape of the arch is difficult and requires accuracy, so keep it simple when shaping your eyebrows and let the eyebrow artist change the shape on a large scale.

Should I trim my eyebrows?

like Trim your own bangsIf you trim your eyebrows, it can quickly go wrong. “The eyebrows are on the front and in the center. Whether it’s a small depression or a hole, one wrong cut can have an unpleasant effect,” Bellavance said. If you can’t wait until your next salon visit to control your overgrown eyebrows, it’s important to be very careful.

First, set the eyebrows with a transparent gel and sweep the hair to check the total length. Use small eyebrow scissors (no Kitchen scissors! ), Choose hair that is too long, and arrange it diagonally to match the shape of your eyebrows. “Crop 1mm at a time and don’t pull your hair during trimming. If you let go and bounce, it will be much shorter,” says Tran.

If you’re not good at trimming your eyebrows, both Bellavance and Tran are advised to invest in a good eyebrow gel to keep your hair out of control.

How is your eyebrow shade at home?

Eyebrow shades (semi-permanent dyes that last 3-4 weeks on average) bring sparse, fair-skinned eyebrows to life and make them look plump immediately, but like waxing and threading, they need to be left to the expert. I have. “It has science. We look at your hair color, hair texture, and eyebrow density. These things can make your eyebrow shades very different,” Bellavance said. Says.

Thankfully, you can easily forge a well-maintained and bold eyebrow shape at home without the use of DIY dyes. “That’s when you bust out your colored fiber gel,” she adds. “It’s the shade of the eyebrows in your home and it works even if you want to cover the gray.”

How can I grow my eyebrows?

It takes time to grow your eyebrows, so you have to wait patiently. The first step is to put the tweezers on. You may want to clean your eyebrows between appointments, but Tran says waiting for them will allow eyebrow artists to do more work, with more fulfilling and clearer results. shape. “If necessary, tweak only really low hair [under your brow line] And leave everything else. Get hairy. “

If you are looking to give your arch a little extra love, adding growth serum to your daily routine can result in thicker and healthier eyebrows in the long run. Tran recommends coating the eyebrows with eyelash growth serum, but Veravance loves Benefit Cosmetics Browbo! Conditioning primers containing keratin and soy protein make your eyebrows look thicker, richer and healthier.

Still not confident in your ability to shape your eyebrows?accept Natural and maintenance-free eyebrow appearance It’s a trend now!

Originally published in 2020. Updated in 2022.

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According to experts, how to do eyebrows at home

Source link According to experts, how to do eyebrows at home

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