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Aaron Brown lost his luggage while traveling in Hungary

Two-time Canadian Olympic medalist Aaron Brown was involved in a travel fiasco this weekend. The athlete shared about “Journey From Hell” on social media over the weekend, buying new training his gear in case the package didn’t arrive before the track meet.

Photo: Instagram/kinsleysc

Brown is one of four members ( Jerome Blake, Brendon Rodney, When André de Grasse ) of the Canadian 4x100m team brought back money She set a new national record at the recent World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Brown was traveling to Hungary for the July Istovan Memorial Games in the city of Szekesfehervar on Monday.

Photo: Instagram/kingsleysc

rear canceled flight Braun, who was stuck at the airport for more than 24 hours due to weather delays and a failed connection, shared on Instagram how he is still preparing for the competition. Later, in Brown’s hotel room, he clarified some misunderstandings that arose after his first post.

Miramar Invitational Track & Field Meet World Athletics Continental Tour – Silver April 10, 2021 Miramar, FL
Photo: Kevin Morris

“I love Nike. It’s my sponsor and I’ve only worn Nike all my life. I just said I hate buying it because I get it for free,” Brown explained. Did. “I still have work to do, so I’m going to lock myself in and concentration Moreover. What bag are you missing when dealing with a slipping block at the World Championships?”

Photo: Kevin Morris

Brown allayed any concerns fans had about his racing ability when he revealed his carry-on, stating: ”

Aaron Brown lost his luggage while traveling in Hungary

Source link Aaron Brown lost his luggage while traveling in Hungary

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