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A 105-year-old woman breaks the 100m age group record

Last week, at the National Open Masters Athletics Championships in Vadodara, India, a 105-year-old woman made history and set a world record of 105 + 100 meters in 45.40 seconds.

Born in 1917 Rambai He started running at the age of 104 and participated in the category over 100 years old, but due to the shortage of players of the same age, he decided to run alone. She has already obtained the “Grandma Bolt” nickname from the local media.

She not only broke India’s over 100 national records set by the age of 101 Man Cow In 2017 (74 seconds), she also crushed Julia’Hurricane’ Hawkins World 105+ record in 62 seconds.

Outside 100 meters, she won three more gold medals at the National Masters Athletics Championships held by the Indian Athletics Federation. Rambai dreams of competing internationally someday, but doesn’t have a passport.

according to the India Times, Rambai’s granddaughter, CharmiraThe centurion said she was careful about what she eats every day. “She consumes a lot of ghee and cards every day.” She tries to go out for 3-4 kg of exercise every day.

No one knows if a 100-meter race will one day be seen between the two greats of Hawkins and Rambai.

A 105-year-old woman breaks the 100m age group record

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