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7 Ways For Creators To Be More Confident During Streams on Talkytimes

Being confident on camera during streams does not come naturally for most people. It is a skill that needs to be practiced and grown over time. The good news is, most people including you can do it. If you can speak to a real person in real life, then you can easily talk on a stream on content creation platforms like Talkytimes.

Confidence on camera is one of the characteristics you need to pass your message more effectively. Confidence can also make your audience believe in what you are saying and stay more engaged throughout the stream.

So how do you become more confident during the stream?

The ideas and ways we have compiled in this article can help you, especially if you are a content creator on a content creation platform like Takytimes, where content creators go to gather a community and monetize their passion. They also publish, post, create streams and organically promote their profiles to the interested followers.

1.   🫂   around the message and knowing your audience

Knowing your audience and focussing on the message is important. Social media is a very powerful tool, where you can send a unique message, or create a post that can go viral in minutes. This is something you should remember before you get on a stream. How you sound matters more than how you look. Your audience will not be affected by your looks but will notice the way you speak and how confident you are while passing the message. Spend some time focusing on the value of the message you want to pass and ensure it relates to your community.

Once you’ve established your field as a content creator and know about your target audience, then you already have the tools for building your confidence on camera. Who you are speaking to and the mission of your message is the driving forces you need. Be 100% sure that you know who you are talking to and the reason behind what you are doing. Sitting down somewhere quiet and writing down the details of whom you are trying to reach and why can help you solve the pain points of your audience, so you can bring a positive message to them or help save their time.

After all, it is pointless for them to watch your stream and not get the meaning of what you are doing, right?

The first idea for a stream is to name your audience persona, write it down and stick it somewhere visible. Put it right next to your computer, or note it on the sticky note on your computer. Once you know who you are talking to, all your followers will feel like you are speaking directly to them. Think of your audience as one person you are talking to and don’t be afraid to be wrong.

2.   👀 First impression matters

Streaming is not about grooming or looking fantastic, but about the message, you are bringing to the world. People scroll through videos all the time in search of something meaningful to watch. This is why your stream needs to have a message that really hooks people in.

Avoid openers like “Hi, I am Sandra and I am a singer”. Do you see how that might be more boring for your audience than if you asked a question like “Do you like music that gets stress off you?” This question makes your audience do some self-reflection and imagine a time they have been stressed and needed something soothing like nice music. They may want to watch your stream to learn more. The best streaming idea is to try and hook people in within the first few seconds of your stream.

Movements can also be used to get people’s attention. You can move your hands or tap on the screen, you just need to get creative to grab someone’s attention.

3.   🦾 Promise to deliver results

Now that you have succeeded in grabbing your audience’s attention, you want them to stay and not scroll through again. You can do this by promising your audience some kind of outcome that you are about to present. This way you will engage and get them to stay on your stream to the end. We also promise that the outcome of this article may make you more confident to stream and grow your audience on Talkytimes!

4.   🗣 Share a personal story

Another powerful idea to add in the first few minutes at the beginning of your stream is to tell a personal story. This will help you relate to your audience, and show that you are not just trying to pass some random information. Telling a story will help you connect with your audience deeper than you thought. For instance, if you are trying to help your audience gain confidence, you can tell them about a moment in time when you were too shy to face the camera, and how you overcame it. You can also talk about someone you know and give examples. The tips you give will help your audience get ready to take action.

Whatever industry you are in, your audience is always waiting to get results from you and if you can give them that, they will be more than happy to come back and consume more of your content. If you are selling a product or service like other content creators in your field, you will be the first choice for the audience, because you always deliver results.

5.   🧠 Provide actionable tips and have a call to action

There is this old saying that you reap what you sow, in other words, if you give something, you always get something back. It is human nature to feel you owe someone a favor, once they do something for you. If your content gives results to the audience, they will show gratitude by bonding with your page. Always encourage your audience to like, follow or subscribe to your page.

Also use resources and props in your stream.

Sometimes while on stream, you can easily lose your train of thoughts for a moment. You can solve this problem by using slides or making notes and putting them next to your computer. You don’t have to write long sentences, but just keywords of where you want the conversation to go. You also don’t want your audience to see that you are reading. The keywords will just remind you and trigger your thoughts so your brain can process what you want to say next.

6.   😃 Be an enthusiastic person

There is power in the enthusiasm that you should not underestimate. People are not interested in monotone voices. Enthusiasm is one of the tools you can use to improve the quality of your content. Your audience wants to be entertained. They also need to feel positive and comfortable while consuming your content. So you don’t want to be someone who drains your energy. Even with great content, not being enthusiastic enough can make people drop off your stream.

The best idea you can use to power up your stream is to get a little animated, and excited about the message you are trying to put across. You can also smile while talking as it does come out better and encourages your brain to be more enthusiastic.

You can use the confidence-building research tips to build your confidence. This research can help you get really big, and teach you how to tell yourself affirmations that can help build your confidence before you hope at a camera. Your energy levels will go up as you build your confidence.

7.   😌 Don’t try too hard to be perfect

Perfection is not one of our traits as humans. You may shutter and lose your train of thought while presenting your content. Don’t let that discourage you. Your audience is also humans, and they can easily relate to you. Sometimes, the boring and relatable activities in your life are what everyone else resonates with. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Remember that no one expects you to be perfect. Trying to be too perfect might divert your attention from the main topic, and that is where the problem comes in. If your audience can resonate with your message, that’s enough.

Try your first stream on Talkytimes!

Now that you have some idea of how to get confident on a stream, why not try performing your first stream on Talkytimes? The platform believes that all content, no matter the level of creativity, needs to be shown and monetized. Talkytimes offers a safe online space for content creators to demonstrate their diverse, unique talents to the world. Again, the safety of content creators and other users is prioritized on the platform, that is why before you get access to any features, you need to sign up by filling out your profile and going through a verification. This helps to keep scammers off the platform.

What do you get?

Talkytimes gathers creative creators who are ready to entertain and educate their audience, share their talents and passions with the world. Content creators also have access to an audience that can show support through donations, online or real gifts.


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