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5 Simple Ways To Turn The Judge Against You In Court

You want to keep the judge on your side in court. It’s much easier to get the outcome you want. Once a judge decides they’re against you, it can cause many problems. Nothing will probably ever go your way during the trial.

 You’ll never get the benefit of the doubt, so it will be more difficult to get the verdict you want. Let’s look at some ways to keep the judge from turning against you, which is pretty easy if you follow these tips

 1. Rude Noises And Gestures

 When sitting with your fraud charge defense lawyer in court, it’s best to ignore what the other side is saying. Your team will get a chance to cross-examine everyone who testifies, so don’t make rude noises and gestures.

 If you mutter under your breath or wave your arms, people won’t assume you’re enraged by the lies. The judge will think you’re causing a scene in their courtroom. It’s best to remain calm so that everyone gets their chance to speak.

 2. Wear A Nice Suit And Tie

 If charged with fraud under & over 5000, it’s a pretty big deal. You never know how many months a judge will add to your sentence if you’re found guilty, so don’t annoy them by wearing disrespectful clothes.

 Would you wear a suit and tie if you were at church with your grandma? Wear the same kind of attire at court to keep everyone happy. If you have a jury trial, you want them to know you’ve made an effort too.

 3. Speak To The Judge Politely

 You won’t need to speak to the judge all the time, but make sure you say ‘Your Honor’ when you do. They probably won’t correct anyone who says ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ during a conversation, but refer to them by their correct title.

 Always let the judge finish their thoughts when they’re talking to you. It won’t work well in your favor if you interrupt them all the time. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ should also be used when talking to the judge.

 4. Leave Your Phone At Home

 The judge will be mad if you leave your phone on while in court. It’s best to leave your phone at home, but turn on flight mode if you must take it into the courtroom. It shouldn’t be set to vibrate because it’s still noisy.

 Keep your phone on silent if you’re waiting to hear about something serious, but don’t look at it. Some people do crazy things with their phones when they’re bored, like playing games and listening to voicemails.

 5. You Must Always Be On Time

 Don’t wait until the last minute to show up during your trial. It could take a while to pass through security once you get to court. You will start to annoy the judge instantly if they realize you’re not punctual.

 If you feel like you’re going to be late one day, you must try to call someone. Let the court know why you’re late and when they should expect you. You might end up with an arrest warrant if you stay silent.

 You Must Make A Good Impression

 You must try your hardest to make a good impression on everyone in the courtroom. It could help you get a better sentence if you’re found guilty.

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