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5 Reasons Why Placetochat Is NOT A Dating

Online dating is a huge trend nowadays and most people who download apps or go on websites like Placetochat usually hope to meet people they can connect with and possibly go on dates with after sometime. But is Placetochat a suitable space for dating?

Placetochat is a communication space that allows individuals, wishing for real communication with new genuine people, to create connections, chat and get away from loneliness with a good talk. As you can see, the site is all about bringing new people together for communication that may not necessarily result in dating.

Here are 5 more reasons why Placetochat is not a dating site:

1.   The sign-up page is different from those of dating sites

5 Reasons Why Placetochat Is NOT A Dating 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️

When signing up on any dating site or app, you will be asked to fill in information about yourself such as what you like, your sexuality, race, where you come from, whether you smoke or drink and a ton of other facts about your persona. These details help the site know you better before pairing you with someone of the same interests and needs. Once you start using a dating platform, you’ll notice that you can only see people in the category you selected. For example, if you want to be matched up with caucasian women between the age of 21 to 40 years, you will mostly be able to see people from that age group and race.

Having that in mind, take a look at the illustration above. As you can see, on Placetochat sign up page you only need to select your gender, add your name and year of birth. Not so much information is asked of you. You can fill in the information about yourself in a profile to attract the right people, but it’s not obvious. While on the platform, you will be able to search for and communicate with people from all over the world, scroll through their profiles and initiate conversation with them.

2.   The site is designed for fun

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Placetochat is designed for people who want to have fun talking about different topics of interests, know about each other and share some funny experiences. You can ask people to tell you funny stories or their most taught experiences, discuss any interesting topics and ideas. You can also crack funny jokes without going into details of each other’s personal lives, as it happens on dating sites. Young people can chat with older people, you don’t necessarily have to reach out to your age group or gender for communication.

3.   Dating is not the first thing Placetochat users thinks of

Since Placetochat is for people who are eager for new acquaintances and connections, users get onto the platform without thinking about dating anyone. If dating is what they want, then they could have joined dating sites instead. Some users may end up dating in real life after communicating for so long, but that is never the first intention for most users on the platform. Most humans love communication and need socializing. This it is wrong to think that most people like solitary life, according to a Forbes article published in 2015. With so much going on in the world, from COVID-19 to other activities that force us to stay home, the demand for an online community, where people can chat and catch up on a variety of topics has grown. That is why people are looking for sites such as Placetochat to meet their communication needs.

4.   Placetochat is not the best place to find a date

Placetochat has thousands of people who are only looking to communicate and shun boredom. Some people are single, others are married and have different professions. If you are looking for people from all walks of life to have fun conversations with, then Placetochat is the place to be. But if love or dating is what you want, don’t have so much hope. There are people who are already in a relationship or marriage, but just want to diversify their communication and learn new things. Since most users are just looking for communication, trying your pickup lines on them may not earn you a date in the end. However, we are not ruling out the fact that you may end up dating someone you met on the platform. We are simply saying that Placetochat is not designed for dating and you may or may not find a date there.

5.   Group chats are great for discussions

One amazing feature that help people to have fun and communicate is the group chat during live streams. Here people can form discussions on various topics and talk about them. This is different from what happens on dating sites. Usually, on dating sites, people who match together, message each other one on one. Having the group chat feature on Placetochat is a clear indication of what the site is designed for — helping people catch up and communicate on different topics. Dating sites encourage communication between individuals who want to date each other, while Placetochat encourages fun and communication between many people, either in text messages, streams, or group chats.

Should you consider Placetochat?

It is wrong to think that everyone, who goes to social media platforms, is looking for a date, or that all social media platforms are designed to help people find their other half. The fact that dating sites exist is enough evidence that different social media platforms are designed for different purposes.

Placetochat is primarily designed for people wanting to find and communicate with other people on a wide range of fun topics. If you want to date and find love, you can look for sites designed for dating and with features that can help link you up with the person you want.

Communication is important to humans because we are social beings that cannot live in a solitary way, and because these days people are busy with work, it is hard to find time to make new friends in real life. Sites like Placetochat have come to offer solutions, and you can now find diverse people to chat with after a long day at work to relax and have a break.

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