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5 rare Guinness World Records broken at the 2022 London Marathon

One of the hallmarks of the London Marathon is the sheer number of costumed runners. Guinness World Records The marathon saw 34 record attempts, 18 of which were successful by runners and dentists dressed as mythical creatures, and a 2:47 marathon by someone in silk pajamas. There are five more unusual Guinness World Records broken on Sunday.

Outfit for the 2022 TCS London Marathon.Photo: Guinness World Records

Fastest marathon in 6-person costume – 4:25:12

Six runners dressed as Fruits Basket ran the marathon in 4 hours, 25 minutes and 12 seconds, setting a world record for the fastest marathon in a six-man costume. They broke the previous record by 9 minutes he did a successful stunt in support of Brain Research UK.

I wonder how long they’ve all been training together, and even wearing fruit costumes during their training runs.

Photo: Guinness World Records/Twitter

Fastest Marathon in Non-Competitive Wheelchair (Women) – 4:32:11

Lexi ChambersThe 44-year-old amputee, who lost his left leg to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), finished the race in 4:32:11 with support, setting a Guinness World Record for fastest non-sporting wheelchair marathon. Blesma, a charity for disabled veterans.

Sport-type wheelchairs used by para-athletes are designed for racing and have large tires and lightweight frames. This is an impressive world record by Chambers.

Photo: Lexi Chambers/Bresma

Fastest Marathon Dressed as Harlequin (Men) – 3:51:35

Fastest Marathon with Handcuffs (Men) – 2:54:57

Southampton, England runner David Henson He was the fastest costume runner of the day and had the undoubtedly difficult task of running a 2:54 marathon in handcuffs. told Guinness He was exhausted when he reached the finish, but said he had raised thousands of dollars for charity at Southampton Hospital.

That said, I do wonder what Henson did at the water station.

Fastest marathon disguised as three-dimensional human body parts (brain cells) – 4:26:43

I don’t know what this is, but Sadie Smith She claims to be a brain cell.

Next year, the TCS London Marathon will return to its pre-pandemic spring dates on April 23, 2023.

5 rare Guinness World Records broken at the 2022 London Marathon

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