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5 College Football Betting Trends to Consider

The 2022 college football season is just around the corner, and bettors are already starting to think about which teams and players to watch out for.

As always, there are a few key betting trends that should be considered when making your wagers. These trends can help you make more informed decisions about your bets and potentially improve your chances of winning.

Here are a few of the most important ones to keep in mind:

Underdogs Can Win Power Five Conferences Titles

The first trend you should remember in college football betting is that underdogs can win conference titles. Although underdog winning can happen in any sport, it is just more likely to happen in college football games.

Since 2008, the typical preliminary odds for the final Power Five winners to win their conference are +702 (pay $10 to collect a total of $80.20).

Meanwhile, there is only one preseason favorite from the Power Five that won its conference last year (Alabama). Before Week 1, Baylor (+5000), Michigan (+2500), Utah (+600), and Pittsburgh (+6000) were all considered heavy underdogs to win their respective conferences.

When betting on the NCAA this season, you shouldn’t focus too much on the favorites. Instead, you also have to look deeper into the underdogs and use factual data to help you decide which team to wager.

Favorites Have a Higher Winning Rate at C-USA

Although underdogs have a higher chance of winning than the favorite, when it comes to Conference USA or C-USA, favorites are highly to dominate. The C-USA has been more steady recently, so there is a big chance that the favorite will still dominate the Conference USA this season.

Meanwhile, at other conferences, you might want to put your favor more on the underdogs as they have been winning throughout the years, which is a fact that you shouldn’t take for granted. However, it will help you increase your chance of choosing the right team to wager.

Alabama Will Dominate the SEC

If you are wagering on teams in Southeastern Conference (SEC), you might want to look into Alabama. That Alabama was the favorite to win the SEC in 12 of the previous 14 seasons and continued to dominate the conference eight more times during that period comes as no surprise.

Since 2008, Nick Saban’s team has had nine of its 13 regular-season victories go over the total, with an overall average total of 10.4 throughout that time (excluding the 2020 season).

Clemson Dominates ACC

Anticipate the Clemson Tigers to improve in 2022 despite having a challenging year in 2021. In 7 out of 14 seasons since 2008, Clemson has been picked as preseason ACC champion and won the league seven times.

Clemson’s regular season victory totals in nine of the previous 13 seasons went beyond the total except in the 2020 season.

Boise State Isn’t the Best Bet in Mountain West

Over the years, Boise State has been the favorite to win the Mountain West conference, but they have only won the title three times since 2013. Before Week 1, both previous MWCs had odds of +10000 to win the league ( The Spartans in 2020 and the Aggies last season).

When you are participating in a Mountain West Conference wager, you should think twice about placing your bet on Boise State. Even though they will come in as a favorite, you should consider this trend before making compulsive decisions.

Trend Tips to Consider

Check out these trend tips below to further increase your chance of choosing a winning bet.

Parlays Should Be Avoided

It is more than just a trend to watch out for. It’s also a tip you should consider when placing a bet on NCAA football. It would be best if you avoided parlays when betting like how the majority of bettors who are participating in college football betting.

The parlay bet is extremely alluring yet extremely risky. For unfamiliar people, a parlay is a combination bet that combines two or more separate bets. The parlay loses if even one of the best in it is unsuccessful.

Parlays will produce huge fluctuations in your bankroll if you wager them frequently, which is why most seasoned gamblers steer clear of them. If you notice any commercials for sportsbooks, it is always pushing parlays on bettors. It’s because parlay adds more difficulty to an already challenging bet. As a result, you will lose, and the house will win.

Go For Point Spread

The college football point spread is the most prevalent bet type, even though wagering on the Moneyline is the easiest bet you can place. The point spread, also known as the projected point differential between the two teams competing, is determined by bookies before the start of the game.

Therefore, depending on the margin of victory, you can still be in the running to cover the point spread even if your team loses the game. But, first, let’s look at an illustration.

Use These Trends as a Guide

Keep these trends in mind when you’re betting on college football games. They can help you make more informed decisions and potentially win more money. Still, the best way to win your bet is to conduct thorough research and follow the facts.


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