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33 Canadians heading to the World U20 Championship in Colombia in August

Thirty-three athletes have been selected to represent Canada at the World U20 Championships in Cali, Colombia from August 1st to 6th. Athletics Canada reported On thursday. The team consists of 19 women and 14 men, much larger than last year’s championship in Kenya (with the influence of the pandemic, Canada sent 8 women and 7 men). The team won two bronze medals.

Savannah Sutherland, A player who won the bronze medal in the women’s 400m hurdles, Heather Abadi (Bronze, high jump) is among the athletes returning with the head coach Jason Raindle For his second year in a row.

Currently, four athletes are in the top 10 of the world U20 ranking, and 10 are in the top 25.Calgary Ella Clayton, Go to the University of Oregon and compete for a medal in the women’s 400m. She was ranked 5th in the world and she achieved the world standard in 4 events, but in 2021 she became 6th in the world and she expects a performance of less than 52 400m Will focus on.

Of Toronto Almond smallAnother notable athlete, the National U20 Champion and Canadian Record Holder at 100 and 200 meters. Max Davis, He overcame his injuries in Toronto and achieved his personal best of 10 seconds at 1,500 running 3: 41.95, ranking in the top 25 in the world.

Here is the complete roster:

Player name event home town club Personal coach
Amy Candrick Women’s 100m Calgary Cartaf Jason Lindsay
Ella Clayton Women’s 400m Calgary Cartaf Christine Lavrety
Almond small Men’s 100m & 200m Toronto Flying angel Earl Redford
Tyler Floyd Men’s 400m Seattle GLS Speed ​​TC Tatam Taylor
Daniel Kid Men’s 200m Edmonton Running room Dwight Francis
Christopher Morales-Williams Men’s 400m Vaughan Speed ​​Academy Athletics Club Tony Sharp
Mattie Ericsson Men’s 800m, Men’s 1500m Nelson Kootenay Chaos Alex Ulaszonek
Desmond Fraser Men’s 100m Brampton Brampton Truck Club Co., Ltd.
Frank Booker
Brinley McDermott Women’s 100m & 200m
Speed ​​academy Tony Sharp
Harry Knelsen Women’s 800m Illmer St. Thomas Legion Track and Field Harry Stunts
Max Davis Men’s 1500m Toronto Royal City Athletic Club Terry Rachenko
Chloe Coots Women 1500m Toronto London Western Tfc Gaishultz
Emily Martin Women’s 200m Barry Toronto Racers Athletic Club Bob Westman
Nazi Holm Women 3000m Antigonish StFX Athletics Club
Eric Gillis
Chloe Thomas Women 3000m Dandas Hamilton Olympic Club Lindsay Crevoiserat
Sadie Sigfstead Women’s 5000m Edmonton
Edmonton Harriers
Gina Procatcho
Chloe Turner Women’s 5000m Calgary Cartaf Samantha Reed
Avery Pearson Women’s 800m Meadow Lake University of Saskatchewan Jamie Epp
Caitlin Stewart-Burnet Women 1500m New Westminster Royal City Track and Field Club Sean Dixon
Riley Flemington Men’s 800m Oakville Oakville Renegade
Paula Schner
Carter Belay Men’s 110 meters hurdles Bellingham disconnected
Laurent Billard
Rider King Men’s 110 meters hurdles Toronto Montecristo Track Club
Godfrey James
Savannah Sutherland Women’s 400m hurdles Bowden Saskatoon Athletics Club (STFC) Jason Raindle
Benjamin Tillson Men’s 400m hurdles LaSalle Border City Athletic Club Colin Inglis
Jenna James Women’s 400m hurdles Milton Golden Eagles T & F Club
Harold Rose
Izzy Goudros Women’s heptathlon and women’s long jump Toronto disconnected
Keba Tourbat
Honor Ania Maka Men’s triple jump Sally Vancouver Thunderbird
Iuliana Kroeger
Heather Abadi Women’s pole vault Ridgeway Sogen Track Club Joe Sara
Sonya Urbanowich Women’s pole vault Nanaimo Nanaimo Track and Field Svendonaldson
Nate Paris Decathlon for men Nanaimo Nanaimo Track and Field Club Mike Bears
Olivia Landman Women’s 10,000M racewalking Lantzville University of British Columbia / Nanaimo Track and Field Club Jerry Dragomir
Spencer Lewis Men’s shot put Carlton Place disconnected Corey Wingate
Peace Omonzane Women’s triple jump Brampton Flying Angel Paul Johnson

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33 Canadians heading to the World U20 Championship in Colombia in August

Source link 33 Canadians heading to the World U20 Championship in Colombia in August

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