3 Tips to Make Your Commute Cheaper and More Enjoyable

Getting around town isn’t fun when you’re stuck in gridlock traffic. People have places to be, but navigating crowded streets filled with road rage isn’t the most efficient or enjoyable method of getting around.

However, sometimes people rely on their cars to get to far-flung places, and they’re essential for their lifestyle. Here are three tips you can use to make your commute more pleasant.

Proper Maintenance and Upkeep

Even the most unpleasant work commute will be much worse if your car breaks down en route. Look for car repairs in Toronto from a mechanic that delivers all-in-one services for every type of vehicle.

If the same body shop is entrusted to handle vintage, rare, luxury sports cars and modern electric and hybrid vehicles, that’s a good sign they’re reliable. Such mechanics have modern equipment and old-fashioned know-how.

It’s even better if they offer custom work on transmission and mufflers. Modern mechanics let you schedule appointments digitally, simplifying things even further.

Go for a Long Walk

The human body is designed for walking, and perhaps no other activity promotes health while being low impact than walking. It’s said that we need to walk 10,000 steps a day to be healthy, and people who work at desks all day may struggle to get that unless they walk to work or make it a point to get exercise before or after it.

With our busy schedules, walking to where we need to be relieved us of the need to hit the gym or get some other alternative form of exercise. Just make sure you dress appropriately for the weather that day and wear comfortable shoes that can handle the conditions.

If it’s snowy, wear warm boots and a toque. If you’re in the right type of clothing, there’s no such thing as bad weather! Similarly, if you’re in a hurry, biking is an excellent way to get to where you’re going while improving your health.

Pedestrians and cyclists don’t need to pay for things like fuel, car insurance, maintenance and upkeep, parking, and, of course, the costs of the vehicle itself.

Public Transportation

Taking the bus, subway, or streetcar to work can be an efficient, clean, and enjoyable experience. Overall, it costs way less than car ownership does, and you don’t need to worry about navigating, driving safely in adverse conditions, or even looking at the road.

Indeed, you’re free to read a book or catch up on messaging friends or colleagues. Just make sure you give yourself ample time to get to work because the roads are filled with cars that often cause delays to busses and streetcars.

Getting around town feels like a drag on days when it’s cold or crowded and you’re in a serious time crunch. However, if you pre-emptively ensure your vehicle is in a good state of repair or plan alternative ways to get around, you can travel efficiently and even connect with your surroundings in enjoyable ways.

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