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3 Reasons to Apply for Payday Loans in Canada

The benefits of payday loans in Canada are often overlooked because people are still on the fence about applying for them. Because of this, people who could enjoy these advantages may not consider them a smart option.

But, for those who need cash quickly and will have no trouble paying it on time, payday loans can be a godsend. If you are wondering why many Canadians are applying for them, you can look at the three most significant benefits of payday loans.

1. You Can Apply Online

According to a 2019 survey, 73.2 of Canadians used a payday loan at some point. The figure underscores just how much of a popular solution these loans are for those looking to get cash fast.

People see this as a practical option because you can apply for payday loans online in Canada. Today, the market has several private lenders who are based online.

With these loans, you can get cash even without leaving your house. You can send your application while seated on your couch or even from the comfort of your bed.

This advantage makes the process of applying for a loan easy and hassle-free. Compared to other traditional options, payday loans can help you save time, money, and effort.

Additionally, the application process for a payday loan can take only around 20 to 30 minutes. You only need to fill out an online form and read the terms of the loan. After that, you just have to wait and see if the lender approves your application.

2. Extra Cash for Travel and Holiday Expenses

In a 2020 survey by the non-profit credit counselling organization Credit Canada, 24 percent of the 1,500 respondents said they didn’t have enough money for holiday celebrations because of the pandemic.

The numbers show why lenders experience a high volume of applications during the holidays. Many workers are desperate during these times since they need money for gifts and celebrations.

In such scenarios, payday loans can be one of the best solutions. For instance, you can borrow money for the Christmas celebration and try to repay it in the new year if you’ve earned additional cash.

A payday loan can be even more helpful for those travelling during the holidays. If you are vacationing far from home, you can top up your cash on hand through a payday loan.

3. No Prepayment Penalties

If you are an individual who always pays off your debts early, a payday loan can be for you because there are no prepayment penalties. This can be a great bonus for those who want to pay off their loans as quickly as possible.

With a payday loan, you do not have to worry about being penalized for paying your debt sooner rather than later. These penalties usually include extra fees, so it can be a good idea to avoid them.

This advantage also highlights how payday loans can have a short-term financial impact on borrowers.

These are the reasons why you should apply for a payday loan if you need cash fast. With this solution, you can get money for emergencies even without leaving the comfort of your home.


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