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2022 TCS London Marathon: Top Canadian Results

The TCS London Marathon boasted a rugged elite field and an exciting winning battle. Yalemzerf Yehualaw Ethiopia’s 2:17:26 to become the youngest-ever London Marathon women’s champion and Kenya’s Amos Kipruto I won my first London Marathon, finishing in 2:04:39.

Over 40,000 regular runners also participate in the mass event, and thousands of people around the world participate in the virtual TCS London Marathon. Hundreds of Canadians were at the race on his list of many athletes’ buckets. Here’s how the top Canadians finished at the 2022 TCS London Marathon.

top men results

brain penny 2:27:40
Ryan Russell 2:31:40
Chris Hooper 2:35:05
Justin Crek 2:36:08
Jeremy Dear 2:37:16
Craig Macmillan 2:38:11
Jonas Charyk 2:40:08
Terry Ditmers 2:40:43
Ahmed Musa 2:43:50
Brian Murphy 2:44:16

Brain Penny at STWM 2018.Photo: Anne Francis

Top Female Results

Charlele Turbiat 3:02:32
Jennifer Elliott 3:02:44
Jacqueline Pettersen 3:04:20
Melissa Raven 3:04:47
Jenny Theo 3:05:37
Paula Keating 3:05:37
Alison Blackmore 3:05:52
Veronique Leboeuf 3:07:51
Caroline Bolduc 3:07:54
Andrea Wilson 3:12:20

Melissa Raven of Canada
Melissa Raven at the 2021 Vancouver Half Marathon.Photo: Instagram/Melissa Raven

Top results by age category

Male 45-49
3Brain Penny 2:27:40

Female 50-54
6. Jacqueline Pettersen

Female 55-59
7. Paula Keating 3:05:37
8. Alison Blackmore 3:05:52

Male 60-64
1. Brian Murphy 2:44:16

Female 60-64
2. Elizabeth Waywell 3:15:51

Male 65-69
8. Wayne Crow 3:16:08

Male 70-74
3. Joseph Camilleri 3:24:43

Female 70-74
2. Doreen Kuup 3:32:39
Four. Roslyn Smith 3:50:31

Male 75-79
1. Victor Petrovich 3:48:53

Men’s 80+
3. Gerald Miller 4:56:26

For a complete list of results, here.

2022 TCS London Marathon: Top Canadian Results

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