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2022 Grill Guide-Home Trend Magazine

Calabrian pesto panzanella salad
Featuring the best oregano white balsamic vinegar, 18-year-old traditional balsamic vinegar, and spicy carabria pesto olive oil, this salad is one of the easiest to make. The secret to delicious flavors is to leave the salad for 30 minutes, mix the flavors and then serve. – – Click here for the recipe

Fresh Salad Summer 2022 Grill Guide
Enjoy the best summer with these fresh salads!

Cucumber salad
This summer’s salad adds olive the best fused Greek oregano olive oil and oregano white balsamic vinegar to fresh garden cucumbers and tomatoes for a refreshing summer taste!
Click here for the recipe
Roast beet salad Roasted beets are easy to make. Just sprinkle with oil and wrap it in a foil wrap.
Roast them directly in the oven rack for 1 hour. Be sure to put the beet on the top of the salad, not the beet, as it will all turn pink when mixed with the beet.
Click here for the recipe

Zucchini flowers
These zucchini flowers are the best high biophenol ultra premium extra virgin olive oil fried in olives and are soft and delicious.If you know you’ve planted more than enough, they’re the perfect tasty treat
zucchini! Click here for the recipe
Grilled avocado
Jonathan Robinson takes the grilled avocado to the next level. Olives are the traditional 18 year old vest.
Dark balsamic vinegar! Click here for the recipe
Vietnamese fresh shrimp spring rolls
Whether it’s a refreshing appetizer or a hot day or anytime, these fresh and healthy bread rolls are very tasty when combined with Olive The Best Honey Ginger White Balsamic Vinegar and Japanese Roasted Sesame Oil. Click here for the recipe


Olive The Best Tangerine Dark Balsamic Vinegar and Caien Olive Oil, Garlic Olive Oil, 100% Traditional Japanese Sesame Oil add a fresh and new twist to this wing recipe.Very sweet and tingling
With just the right amount of heat, you can’t resist cooking again! Click here for the recipe

Balsamic vinegar pork fillet and rosemary vegetables
Janice Robinson prepares an appetizing, flavorful and hearty meal! Gravenstein glaze adds the perfect sweet contrast like the herbs of fused rosemary olive oil and you will want more.
Click here for the recipe
TRI-TIP roast
The combination of Olive the Best Blackberry Ginger Dark Balsamic Vinegar and Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil really makes this dish stand out.
Click here for the recipe

Spring trifle
Made with Olive the Best Lemon Fused Olive Oil, this delicious and fruity spring trifle is easy to prepare and will surely become a family favorite! Ideal for spring and summer hospitality.
Click here for the recipe
Spicy chickpeas
These delicious chickpeas make great snacks and are a great alternative to popcorn. The best coriander & roasted onion extra virgin olive oil and caien extra virgin olive oil made from olives.
Click here for the recipe
Elderflower zucchini and carrot muffins
Combine garden zucchini and carrots with Olive The Best Elderflower White Balsamic Vinegar to make a delicious treat!
Click here for the recipe

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2022 Grill Guide-Home Trend Magazine

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