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2022 Commonwealth Games Team Canada selection announced

Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) and Athletics Canada announces A list of 33 athletes selected to represent Team Canada at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, June 21, July 28-August 8.

The selected track and field athletes of interest Andre de grasseEvan Dunfee, Aaron Brown, John Gay, Lucia Stafford When Piers Lepage, He won a silver medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games Decathlon on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Aaron Brown at the 2018 NACAC Championship.Photo: Kevin McKinnon

In 2018, Team Canada won two gold medals, six silver medals and one bronze medal. LePage and Brown are just two medalists who have returned to Team Canada.in the meantime Alysha Newman (Pole vault) Crystabel Netty (Long jump) Return to defend Canada’s 2018 Commonwealth Games medal on the fieldside.

Athletes were selected for the team at World Athletics points based on their closeness to the AC standards for each event. The criteria set by Athletics Canada are the average of the top three performances of the past between federal countries in the 2018, 2019, and 2021 competition seasons (excluding the 2020 season for pandemics) (country-by-country). Calculated using (limited to 3).

Mohammed Ahmed won the silver medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Men’s 5,000m

The Commonwealth Games athletics event begins on July 30th at Alexander Stadium in Birmingham and ends on Sunday, August 7th with a 4x400m relay for girls and boys.

Players nominated for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Team

Men’s 10km Walk: Evan Dunfee

4x400m relay for women: Kyra Constantine, Natassha McDonald, Laurengele, Ayana Styburn, Zoe Scheller

Men’s 4x100m Relay: Andre De Grasse, Aaron Brown, Jerome BreakBrendon Rodney, Malachi Murray

Decathlon for Men: Piels Lepage

Men’s 400m hurdles: Malik Metivier

Women’s 800m: Lindsey Butterworth, Madeleine Kelly

Women 1,500m: Lucia Stafford

Men’s 1,500m: William Paulson

Women’s 100 meters hurdles: Michelle Harrison

Men’s 3,000m Obstacle Race: John Gay

Women’s 400m hurdles: Noel Montcalm

Women 5,000m: Julian Nustari

In addition to track athletes, these are competing field athletes: Alysha Newman, Brittany Crew (Shot put), Christabel Nettey (long jump), Ethan Katsburg (Hammer throw), Elizabeth Gledl (Javelin throw), Rowan Hamilton (Hammer throw), Gillian Weir (Hammer throw), Kamurin Rogers (Hammer throw), Sarah Mitten (Shot put), Adam Keenan (Hammer throw), Anika Newell (Pole vault) Kyra Butler (Hammer throw).

Athletes nominated for multiple events will be contacted at a later date.

2022 Commonwealth Games Team Canada selection announced

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