How to choose an ideal garden bench?

Do you like to spend a lot of time outdoors in a country house? Then you should think about buying a garden bench. It will become a favorite place for relaxation and will complement the landscape design. It can be placed in the recreation area or at the entrance to the house. It remains only to decide which construction to buy.

What material to select?

 If you’re looking for a garden bench in Dubai or another city with sunny weather, we recommend you look at wooden models. As a rule, they are opened with varnish to protect the product from moisture and temperature changes. However, over time, the bench still begins to deteriorate, but not in a dry climate. The most durable are considered conifers, oak, and cherry.

Plastic – light, inexpensive, not afraid of moisture and temperature changes. Furniture made of plastic is easy to care for, it serves for a long time, but does not look too presentable. Besides, the plastic is very unstable.

Metal benches are very durable and look original. They are covered with anti-corrosion agents, so they are not afraid of mechanical damage and change in weather. Note that they are very heavy and you will not be able to move them often.

white table cloth on brown wooden table

Stone furniture is also very reliable. Marble and granite can serve many years and look aesthetic but are more expensive than other materials.

Which style and type should I choose?

 Benches without backrest – the simplest products, as a rule, of metal and wood. Such models will best fit into the loft or minimalist areas.

Metal benches with wooden backrests are suitable for decoration with a plot in the style of Art Nouveau and classic. Fully wooden models will look good in rustic style, eco, and Provence. Regardless of style, by choosing a bench with a backrest, you can better relax. Also, a good option is models with armrests.

On sale you can also find a construction two in one – benches combined with a table. This option helps to equip a dining area in the open air for 4-6 people.

If you want something original, you can look at the benches with flowerbeds. Everything depends on your imagination – there are a lot of options for the implementation of this idea. Also, if there is a large tree in the area, you can make a bench to order and install it around the plant.

Very practical models with storage space under the seat. There you can store pillows or tools.

There are also benches in the form of a swing. As a rule, they are installed on the terrace. The frame and seats of many swings are made of metal. They can accommodate up to 4 people at a time. The most important thing is that the design is stable.

brown wooden swing

How to choose a place for the bench?

The main purpose of this construction is to help relax. The best way to do this is a quiet remote corner overlooking a flowering flower bed or an artificial pond. As an option, you can also set a bench near a hedge or arch. If you put it at the door of the house, it will be convenient to sit down or put the bags.

 Stationary or mobile model?

If you do not plan to use your purchase often, then it makes sense to buy a mobile device that is easy to hide or remove under the canopy. They can be made of wood or plastic. There are also folding models that are often made of metal frames and wooden seats and back.

If you need a stationary model that will constantly stand in the garden, it is important that it was practical and of good quality. After all, it will stand all year round on the street under the sun, rain, and snow. It is important that the bench did not spoil quickly and decorate your garden for a lot of years.

DIY garden bench

If you want, you can not buy a bench, but make it with your own hands. For example, from pallets. Add stylish pillows with bedspreads and everyone will ask where you bought such a stylish bench. In fact, you can have a convenient environmental corner where you can read and enjoy the good weather. The main thing is that it is very economical.


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