Zurich North America announces executives and insists on leadership shuffle

Zurich North America is making leadership changes in regional accounting and billing functions as part of its retiring executive succession plan.

The company has appointed Paul Ravel, now Chief Billing Officer of Zurich North America, to be responsible for the US National Accounts business on April 1. Ravel will replace Paul Hogan, who announced his retirement. Lavelle is responsible for the direction, management, and performance of all large commercial and professional businesses in the United States. He also reports to both Kristof Terryn, CEO of Zurich North America and CEO of Sierra Signorelli, Commercial Insurance of the Zurich Insurance Group.

Lavelle has been Chief Insurance Officer of Zurich North America since 2018. He has over 30 years of insurance experience and has held senior underwriting and insurance management positions at companies such as Allstate, AIG and National Union Underwriting.

“We are excited about the next steps the US National Accounts business will take under Paul’s leadership, as all indicators show a continuous growth trajectory,” says Terin.

Zurich North America used Keith Daly to take over Lavelle as Chief Claims Officer. He is responsible for “providing transaction excellence in claim processing,” the release said, and will also report to Terin. Daily joined Zurich from Farmers Insurance, which has been president of the company’s personal line business since 2018. Daily was also the Chief Claimant for Farmers Insurance.

“Keith is the right person for the right job,” Terin commented. “Keith has begun his claiming career. His decades of experience will help the claiming organization.”

Hogan, meanwhile, will continue next year to serve as Senior Advisor to Christopherin, CEO of Zurich North America. He retired after 30 years of career in the insurance industry, including 15 years in Zurich.

“Paul’s view of the business and his unwavering commitment to customers have been significant personally and have played a major role in leading Zurich to its current leadership position,” said Terin. “I am particularly pleased to be able to fulfill his role as Senior Advisor prior to Paul’s retirement.”

Zurich North America announces executives and insists on leadership shuffle

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