Zendaya’s mother secretly denies Tom Holland engagement rumors

To Corey Atad.

Zendaya’s mom doesn’t want people to fall for clickbait.

Just days after Twitter account pop hive The Happiness star and boyfriend Tom Holland have claimed to be “reportedly engaged,” and her mother, Claire Stormer, has silenced the rumors.

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In a post to her Instagram story, she posted a screenshot of an online dictionary definition of the term “clickbait.”

“Clickbait usually refers to the act of writing sensational or misleading headlines to attract clicks on content,” the definition says. “They often exaggerate claims or omit important information in order to drive traffic. The term is generally used in a negative sense.”

Stoermer didn’t add anything more, but the cryptic post seemed to refer to rumors about her daughter’s love life.

every week It also recently reported that an insider told Zendaya and Holland that “both are in calm mode and are absolutely planning their real future together.”

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However, the couple has yet to make an official statement about their plans to get married.

The two met while making Spider-Man: Homecoming and confirmed their relationship after they were photographed together in July 2021.

“One of the downsides to our fame is that privacy is no longer in our control. Moments that we thought were between two people who love each other so much are now all over the world.” It’s a moment that’s being shared with. It felt like our privacy was taken away,” Holland said. GQ November 2021.

Zendaya’s mother secretly denies Tom Holland engagement rumors

Source link Zendaya’s mother secretly denies Tom Holland engagement rumors

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