Zelensky vows ‘strong response’ if Russia attacks Kyiv on Ukraine’s Independence Day

To mark six months after Ukraine gained independence from Soviet rule in 1991 and was invaded by Russian forces, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that if Russia launched an attack at or around that time, , swore it would provoke a strong reaction.

With the war in Ukraine nearly six months away, there are fears among Ukrainian and allied Western officials that Russia is preparing to attack the capital Kyiv again.

The US said it believed Russia would target civilian and government infrastructure in the coming days. The US embassy said US citizens should leave Ukraine “immediately” by their own means if it is safe to do so.

Zelensky warned over the weekend that Moscow might try “something particularly ugly” ahead of Wednesday’s Independence Day.

“They’re going to get a response, a strong response,” he said on Tuesday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attended a joint press conference with the Polish president in Kyiv on Tuesday. (Dimitar Dirkoff/AFP/Getty Images)

Fears of a escalating Russian attack have heightened after Daria Dugina, the daughter of a prominent Russian ultranationalist, was killed in a car bombing near Moscow on Saturday. Moscow has blamed Ukrainian operatives for the killings, a claim Kyiv denies.

Kyiv has rarely been hit by Russian missiles since Ukraine repelled a ground attack to seize the capital in March.

The atmosphere in Kyiv on Tuesday was calm, with many people still walking the streets, but signs of a growing threat were felt.

Authorities have instructed Ukrainians to work from home as much as possible from Tuesday to Thursday, urged people to take air raid warnings seriously and evacuate when sirens sound.

The Kyiv city government has banned large gatherings until Thursday.

fight in the south and east

Russia has sent troops across the border in what it calls a “special military operation”, saying it wants to demilitarize its neighbors and protect Russian-speaking communities. Ukraine and its Western allies have accused Russia of waging an unjust imperial-style war of aggression.

Six months after a Russian invasion that killed thousands, displaced more than a third of Ukraine’s 41 million people from their homes, and destroyed entire cities, the conflict is largely in a stalemate I am in a state.

In addition to Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014, Russian forces control large swaths of the south, including the Black and Azov coasts and parts of the eastern Donbass region. The prospect of peace seems almost non-existent.

“Victory is on our side, it’s ours alone, and I feel good, believing that there is no other option,” Yevhen, a Ukrainian soldier, said as front-line troops moved from the Donbass fields to Russian forces. Said as he fired several howitzer shells at the position.

Russian shelling hit Kharkiv in the northeast — Ukraine’s second-largest city — around dawn on Tuesday, said regional governor Oleh Synehubov. His house was attacked, but no one was hurt, he said.

In the south, the Southern Ukraine Military Command said Russian forces carried out an offensive along the front line in the occupied territories. This includes multiple rocket attacks on the town of Marhanets across the Dnipro from the Russian-held Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Two civilians were injured and several homes, gas and water pipelines were damaged.

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It added that Ukrainian rockets and artillery destroyed the ammunition depot and command post of the Russian Airborne Assault Regiment at Chernovayevka in the Russian-occupied Kherson region southwest of Zaporizhia.

Artillery shelling and rocket firing near the reactor facility have heightened international calls for the region to be demilitarized.

Crimean platform

Meanwhile, dozens of national and international leaders have joined the so-called Crimean Platform, mostly by video, in solidarity with Ukraine on the six-month anniversary of the invasion.

Zelensky said Ukraine would restore control over the Crimea region.

“To overcome terrorism, we need to win the fight against Russian aggression,” Zelensky, dressed in his usual military uniform, told delegations at the forum’s opening ceremony.

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Explosion shakes power plant in Crimea

A substation is shown on fire after an explosion in the Crimean town of Zhankoy, annexed by Russia. Russia described the explosion as “sabotage”.

“We must liberate Crimea. This is the restoration of law and order in the world.”

Zelensky later said at a press conference in Kyiv that Ukraine would not agree to any proposal to freeze its current front line in order to “calm down” Moscow, which now controls about 22% of Ukraine, including Crimea. Said deaf.

He urged the world not to look tired of war, saying that this would pose a threat to all.

Acting Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said at the summit that Rome would continue to support Ukraine. “We are with you in the fight to resist Russian aggression, restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and defend democracy and independence.”

Zelensky also said Ukraine needs more weapons from Western allies to help turn the tide against Russia.

Germany plans to provide Ukraine with additional weapons, including air defense systems, rocket launchers and precision ammunition worth 500 million euros (645 million Cdn) in 2023, sources told Reuters.

Zelensky vows ‘strong response’ if Russia attacks Kyiv on Ukraine’s Independence Day

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