Yumi Nu laughs at Jordan Peterson’s attack on the cover of “Sports Illustrated”

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Yuminu has a final laugh after the conservative YouTuber Jordan Peterson criticized her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover.

The 25-year-old model returned to Peterson after Peterson tweeted about her. SI The cover — one of the four covers published for the sacred swimsuit edition of the magazine — was “not beautiful”.

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Nu posted a video on TikTok. In this video, I lip-synced to Nicki Minaj’s “Itty Bitty Piggy” in front of a screenshot of Peterson’s tweet and looked innocent all the time.

“I don’t even know why your girl bothers at this point,” she says in the video. “Give up. It’s me. I win. You lose.”

This video has been viewed more than 625,000 times.


Either way …

♬ IttyBittyPiggy – Nicki Minaj – Spencer Golding

Peterson, author of “12 Rules for Life” with 5 million followers on YouTube, started Blauhaha on Monday. “I’m sorry. It’s not beautiful,” he tweeted. “And authoritarian tolerance does not change that.”

Peterson added that Nu should be included in one of the following: SIThe cover of “is a conscious and progressive attempt to manipulate and reconstruct the concept of beauty, a ridiculous philosophy that such tastes are learned and appropriately modified by those who know better. Depends on “.

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But many of TikTok and Twitter begged for something different. “You have beaten Jordan b. Peterson will (hopefully) leave Twitter after the thread has been blown up,” someone commented on Nu’s TikTok post, implying that Peterson would leave the platform. .. “I took Jordan Peterson off Twitter with one hand. & It looked amazing while doing it. Queeeen,” said another.

On Twitter, many responded to Peterson’s tweet with comments about his appearance. However, one user more succinctly denied Peterson’s criticism. “Hey, she’s hot” Tweet..

Yumi Nu laughs at Jordan Peterson’s attack on the cover of “Sports Illustrated”

Source link Yumi Nu laughs at Jordan Peterson’s attack on the cover of “Sports Illustrated”

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