Youth hockey: Canadians say sexual misconduct is a big problem

As Hockey Canada reveals how it dealt with past sexual assault allegations, a new poll shows a majority of Canadians believe sexual misconduct remains a major problem in youth hockey. It turns out that there is

A poll conducted by the Angus Reed Institute found that 58% of 2,279 Canadian adults surveyed identified sexual harassment and assault as a major problem in youth hockey. 17% of his respondents said they thought the issue was minor. More than half (56%) of respondents currently or previously associated with youth hockey agree that sexual misconduct is a serious problem. Women of all ages are more likely to agree with the statement compared to the men surveyed.

The new inquiry comes as an independent review of Hockey Canada’s governance is underway after reaching a settlement over allegations of group sexual assault involving eight players on the 2018 World Junior Team.

It was also recently revealed that Hockey Canada’s “National Equity Fund” was being used to cover uninsured liability, including allegations of sexual misconduct. The organization has announced plans to address “systemic problems” within the sport, but only 27% of those surveyed by Angus. Reed believes the sports environment will improve for women.

different point of view

Respect within sports is considered fundamental by the majority of Canadians surveyed who have a relationship with the game, including coaches, players and referees. But the poll found that women of all ages likely disagreed with respecting hockey culture for the most part. Men aged 18 to her 34 said they had little to no problems with lack of respect.

But what the men and women surveyed agree is a move to real change after recent allegations against Hockey Canada. Sixty-two percent of the women surveyed said they don’t believe the new “action plan” released by Hockey Canada will improve problems within the sport. Her 53% of men also agreed.

hope for change

Most Canadians surveyed support the federal government’s decision to freeze Hockey Canada’s funding. A poll found that four out of five Canadians supported the government’s decision, while one out of five of those more closely associated with the sport opposed him. .

Nevertheless, 58% of respondents are unsure about the change in hockey culture, while 27% are confident. Additionally, three of her five women surveyed said they had little or no confidence that women and girls would be treated differently.

Another survey conducted by Nanos Research also found that a majority of Canadians support freezing funds.

Board Chairman Michael Brind’Amour has announced his resignation as Hockey Canada’s independent review continues. The move is seen as a step in the right direction for the sport.


The Angus Reed Institute conducted an online survey of 2,279 Canadian adults from August 8-10. The margin of error for a probability sample of this size is +/- 2.0 percentage points, which is 19 in 20.

Using files from The Canadian Press.

Youth hockey: Canadians say sexual misconduct is a big problem

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