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You’ll need a deconstructed cheese ball for your next gathering

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I cheese ballI love the kitschy, retro, rounded look and the creamy, salty, slightly tangy taste, but sometimes I just don’t like all the “work” to make it. To be fair to the appetizer, it’s not a lot of work, but the “rolling into a ball” step can be a bit tedious, and I always try to avoid boredom.

This recipe isdynamite white, a sort of deconstructed cheese ball from the Dukes Mayonnaise folk. Duke’s mayonnaise (no surprise), chopped sharp cheddar cheese, and spicy pickles are his relishes. The recipe is great, but it’s also a template for making your own deconstructed cheese balls.

For example, I didn’t have the spicy relish, but I had the bread and butter zucchini relish, so I used that instead and it worked very well. Did. The result is a tangy, slightly spicy, salty, The creamy cheese spread was almost too much, but it was incredibly difficult to stop eating.

It’s a fun way to use up random condiments, pickles, relishes, chutneys, and shredable cheeses hanging in your cheese drawer. from to 1/4 cup, a little firmer and less mayonnaise spread. 8 ounces of sharp shredded cheese. 1/4 cup mayonnaise (preferably Duke’s); 1/4 cup relish, chopped pickles, or chutney;

Mix everything together, then futzing and add the spices, seasonings and seasonings you want to taste. If you need suggestions, here are some.

  • A few spoons of cream cheese + all bagel seasonings
  • Worcestershire sauce + seasoned rust
  • hot sauce + garlic powder + fried garlic
  • Liquid from a can of adobo peppers
  • Ranch Flour + (again) Wasabi Preparation
  • literally anything + wasabi
  • bacon bits

you get the idea. Once the flavors are mixed, cover and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Serve with crackers Crudites.

You’ll need a deconstructed cheese ball for your next gathering

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