You Should Sell Your Old HomePod For Profit

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Apple’s HomePod had a short lifespan and was rocky. Critics praised the audio quality, but panned its smart features. As a result, it was difficult to recommend a $ 350 price tag to most people. Even when Apple lowered the price to $ 299, too many people thought the speakers were simply not worth it. The value of the HomePod is now somehow appreciated, so some of those people may have told you to sell your Apple stock in 1997.

How much does the Apple HomePods sell?

I saw this news first From The VergeIn turn, was urged to delve into the problem thanks to This tweet From 9to5MacEIC Chance Mirror. Miller’s tweet includes the factory-sealed SpaceGrey HomePod eBay page. $ 649.99..

Verge looked up the list of various HomePod Bays, perhaps after attacking the sealed HomePod’s vault. They found that the HomePods sell for $ 375 on average. This is a lot cheaper than the HomePod featured in Miller’s tweet, but keep in mind that this is the average of all HomePods currently on the platform. This includes the as-new HomePods in the box and the speakers used without the package.

Most HomePod owners probably didn’t leave the speakers open in the box, but that doesn’t change much. Even with these outliers removed, the HomePod’s average price remained at $ 350. If you bought a speaker from Apple for a $ 299 period, or if you find a discounted speaker through a third-party retailer, you can make a profit on your HomePod (by the way, no one even has Apple. I have thought about it before).

Why are Apple HomePods more valuable than they are now???

It’s no wonder why these things are selling so well. Verge offers several theories, including Apple’s history, HomePod’s Solid Acoustics, and Siri, a smart home asset. I don’t know if I’ll buy the last one, but in my book the first two points are pretty strong. HomePod teeth It’s a great speaker, especially for both Apple Music and home theaters via the Apple TV 4K, and now that Apple has discontinued it, its fans may consider it a bit of a collector’s item.

Whatever the reason, the HomePod price increase is still impressive. Most tech products aren’t valued-Rather, we expect depreciation to be limited. Sure, Apple products tend to depreciate faster than other technologies, but this is rarely seen. You certainly can’t let go of the HomePod mini for more than you paid for it.

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You Should Sell Your Old HomePod For Profit

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