You said it: Well done General

Here is today’s Ottawa Sun letter to the editor.

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On the night of August 14th, I was registered in the general hospital emergency room. At 8am the next day, I was admitted to the Emergency Room (EC).

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Soon, tests began to identify my afflictions. I think every test known to man that can be shortened to two letters or her three letters has been conducted, but not before the test has been explained to me in layman’s terms, but until it answers my question. did not. The patience, care and compassion of these professionals was exemplary. Never once did I feel worried or uncomfortable.

I really can’t say enough about the care and thoughtfulness of that unit.

I know our healthcare system has been heavily criticized locally, but in my opinion, general hospital emergency care facilities have A teams that act as well-oiled machines.

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David Burrell


(Obviously, the system’s problems have nothing to do with the people working in it.)

Other groups welcome

If other groups, especially those associated with the left side of the political spectrum, moved to the old St. Brigid Church, there is no doubt that almost all the media, the Lower Town Community Association, and the Laurier Avenue politicians would have welcomed it with open arms. hand.

Let’s be frank here, the elite, including the outgoing mayor, will never have time to join the group, even if they are far away in a convoy of truckers. claimed to have refused conversion. If so, it’s the smell of discrimination, pure and simple.

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The state wants to crush everything that has to do with standing up for freedom and individual rights, from the federal government to lefties in city hall. A sad day for this country.

Stephen Flanagan


(Doesn’t freedom mean that landlords can choose who they want to rent the space to?)

time of relegation

An open letter to RCMP Commissioner Lucki:

On behalf of all Canadians concerned, especially current and retired RCMP members, I have lost the trust and confidence I need as the head of the RCMP. It’s time to get off. Don’t worry. Somewhere along the line, your friend Mr. Trudeau will find you a coveted position.

Don Day


(Probably as a minister.)

What is call tax

Let’s call our federal carbon tax what it really is. Trudeau liberals are taking billions out of Canadian wallets to save the planet, they say. Billion dollars and our carbon footprint is bigger than ever and shows no signs of slowing down!

This pile of cash is being used as a slush fund to fund an empty pie liberal and NDP ideology, rather than being directed towards climate change. What can I say about US President Joe Biden, he knew Americans wouldn’t buy this BS and wouldn’t carry out such a horrific cash grab on his people.

Paul Reed

st. Agatha, Ontario.

(Biden has come up with his own version of another way to earn cash, but not a carbon tax.)

You said it: Well done General

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