You Said It: The Trudeau Hit, Part 2 — Embarrassing the Nation

Here is today’s Ottawa Sun letter to the editor.

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embarrass the country

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Re: No music to their ears.Prime Minister accused Bohemian Rhapsody’s “tone deaf” production, column, September 20

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Was it really too much to ask the Prime Minister to pretend to be an adult for a few days in the gloomy days before the Queen’s funeral? I’ve seen more mature six-year-olds Since taking office, he has embarrassed Canadians and Canadians on almost every trip abroad he has taken.

When he makes a complete fool of himself, he makes a complete fool of us all. I don’t know how many videos I’ve seen of the host talking about his latest missteps and making fun of him. The latest was a British trio who named Sockboy the “Plank of the Week”. A well-deserved title…they should make him their plank of the week every week…no one deserves it. he’s kidding

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Maybe it was his way of focusing on him.I can’t wait to see him handed from Pierre.

Sandy Johnston


(Who didn’t need a break during a dark time?)

always about him

The country he represents is officially in mourning over the death of Her Majesty the Queen, but at least we should expect that country’s prime minister to pretend to take this opportunity a little more seriously, and just once. Yes, please don’t just do it for yourself. End of story.

Neil Graves

Ruskville, que.

(Mourning comes in many forms.)

could have been a pistol

I think “Just King” Trudeau singing the Queen’s song before the Queen’s funeral is just too much nonsense. After all, he could have sung God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols. Its first line is “God Save the Queen, fascist regime!”

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terry toll

Campbell’s Bay, que.

(What else did the video distract people from?)

Memories of Pierre

Justin Trudeau has once again succeeded in embarrassing Canadians on a global scale. It was no vacation for you and your band of clowns. I remember my father’s disrespectful sight. It’s not classy, ​​it’s an empty suit.

Wendy Jahn


(At least, young Trudeau never went on a rampage.)

hit another terrible sound

Trudeau debuted as “I want to be a singer”, embarrassing Canada, especially himself. All this while in the lobby of a British hotel while traveling to attend the Queen’s funeral. Is there no depth or limit to how mean and disrespectful Trudeau can be? Apparently not!

Trudeau’s poor attempt to be a hotel lobby singer/entertainer was nothing less than a display of disrespect for Britain, the Queen and the royal family. It was a time of mourning for her. Not a karaoke gathering! Trudeau showed no respect.

Trudeau has been embarrassing himself since 2015. But at the same time, he is embarrassing Canada. Grow up, Justin. This time it was in front of the world.

Laurie Klepatz

Fairview, Alta.

(At least, we can all agree he was out of tune.)

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You Said It: The Trudeau Hit, Part 2 — Embarrassing the Nation

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