You said it: The mask push never ends

Here is today’s Ottawa Sun letter to the editor.

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mask push never ends

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Re: Musk is… back on the agenda. Debate over returning masks to school board in Ottawa-Carlton, Nov. 19

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Here we go again to the segment of the population unwilling to give up trying to control others. You will be forced to wear it.

The big fear is no longer COVID, but influenza and RSV. So let’s shout out for the obligation to put masks on our kids this year and force everyone else to do the same. That way, you can try again next winter.

I think our provincial government is fully aware that another mask mandate won’t roll over the Ontario population well, but at least the kids don’t have a say, so at least give them masks. Force yourself to wear it.

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Mike Shartliff


(Mask or not, no one wants to get sick.)

wear those masks

Come on people. Stop acting like a villain! Mask up! you know the facts You were told by a qualified professional. Much more qualified than you. Your bad deeds are hurting and killing people. No need to wait for Dougie to tell you. He cares too much about being liked. He is using your money to benefit his own selfish schemes.

We must put an end to this pandemic that has lasted too long. Without masking it wouldn’t happen.

Michael Nimay


(Preventing sickness and death feels like a good thing.)

The Federal Reserve Should Compensate More

This is not a pandemic issue, but a health care crisis involving physical, mental, addiction health, and nursing homes. Having been in direct contact with our healthcare over the last few months, both as a patient (due to heart problems) and as a loving senior citizen, I have learned that our system is completely broken and in dire straits. We can guarantee it.

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The federal government covers only about 22% of healthcare costs, leaving the rest to state and territory governments. This is completely wrong. Health care affects us all, wherever we live and whoever we are in this country. State governments have asked the federal government to increase contributions to 35%.

I believe the federal government has raised it to 60% and in its current form everyone should exercise some common sense. If we stop funding, we may have the resources to help our people get out of this crisis. This affects all of us, no matter where we live in this country, how old we are or how old we are.

Brenda Hall


(Healthcare is at stake. Now is the time to act.)

Canadians have nothing left

Trudeau travels the world giving away our money without caring what Canadians think. Funny thing is his ego is so big he thinks he can save the world but has no solutions and no interest in fixing what is wrong at home. All we get is ‘Sorry, no money left, I donated everything’.

Pete McClellan

block building

(Canada certainly has pressing problems that require domestic solutions.)

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You said it: The mask push never ends

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