You said it: happy young Dylan

Here is today’s letter from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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happy for young dylan

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Re: STRAY BULLET: 8-Year-Old Boy From Gatineau Makes Remarkable Recovery After Serious Injury In Mississippi, Online Edition, July 30

A wonderful ending to such a tragic beginning. When I first read his Sun report that young Dylan Johnson was shot in the head and had no hope of recovery, especially to me he has his two grandchildren aged 11 and his 8, It broke my heart to think what would happen if that happened.

Such a brave and courageous young man, it’s great to see good news in a sea of ​​bad.

Stephen Flanagan


(Listen, listen.)

Crickets, who?

Re: July 30th, the Fed pushes finger food in a post-plastic fork world

After reading the Sun article above, in order to support sustainable food production, Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is asking companies to help build commercial facilities to produce cricket protein. I also read that they offered $8.5 million.

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Just imagine, delicious insects with the right drink and dipping sauce — ugh! These are just a few of Guilbeau and Trudeau’s great ideas. Undoubtedly, more will come.

It was very moving and made me wonder if it would be possible to modify a wind turbine to harvest insects and hopefully not kill birds or bats. Guilbeau and Trudeau could advertise this nationally by wearing propeller hats, possibly adorned with fresh or digested insect treats. , expect more spinoffs. (Pun intended.)

Alan Starcher


(Don’t knock until you try.)

coated wear

It took seven long years, but the Teflon coating that has protected Trudeau since his first election has faded. It has created his autocratic management style, endless scandals, financial missteps, the highest inflation in almost 40 years, divisive policies, and everything to do with race, whatever the harm to the economy and family. It could be due to blindly pushing his green dream. Mission, embarrassment on the world stage, trolling against our freedom, abuse of the parliamentary system, opening borders, mismanagement of COVID, just to name a few?

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The Trudeau administration currently seems to lack new ideas and methods to curb inflation. Canadians want change, and Pierre Polivre’s message about restoring personal freedom, financial responsibility, encouraging resource development, building affordable housing, and many other wise policies resonates. is for that reason.

Larry Comeau


(Still waiting to hear his stance on Casual Friday.)

Severance pay for quitting?

Can you explain why mayors and aldermen who choose not to run for re-election are receiving severance pay?
It’s time to change the pensions and “retirement benefits” of politicians and bureaucrats. They enjoy very rich gold-plated pensions and most of them won’t work 40 hours a week on their own. We’re being taxed head-on for service we don’t get or are slow and substandard at best.

A while ago we thought we had reached the epitome of madness, but lo and behold, someone or something shows that there seems to be no ceiling to stop it.

Sandy Johnston


(It has a ceiling and is made entirely of Swiss cheese.)

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You said it: happy young Dylan

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