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You can make a daiquiri (or sour) without a simple syrup

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Beverage writers dating back to the early days of the pandemic David Wandrich You did us all a big favor by tweeting your “drink of the day”. This series is fun, but I don’t drink much anymore, so I almost forgot about it.

But someone retweeted the March 2020 daiquiri recipe to my timeline, and an important detail caught my attention.

as you like good daiquiri recipeWondrich’s was easy and accessible, but what caught my eye was the lack of simple syrup. It was mixed with rum, then shaken with ice and strained into a chilled coupe.

Making a simple syrup is not difficult. small amount—but I’m notoriously lazy, and I’m always thinking about eliminating steps from recipes, cocktails, etc. I decided to try Rich’s method.

I squeezed half a lime into a shaker, added a teaspoon of sugar to the juice, gave it a quick stir, then added 2 ounces of rum. I strained it and put it in the coupe, and was surprised to find that there were very few undissolved sugar grains at the bottom of the glass. saw Very few. I felt nothing on my tongue. )

This technique can of course be applied whole world of sourusing a half lemon/lime + heaping tablespoon sugar + 2 ounces liquor template, dissolve the sugar in a room temperature liquid before adding ice, then strain into a chilled coupe. you have to keep one Always keep it in the freezer for “just such an eventuality (or inevitability in this case).”

You can make a daiquiri (or sour) without a simple syrup

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