WWHC Three Stars from Day One: Taylor Hayes Shines in Tournament Debut

Day 1 of the IIHF Women’s World Hockey Championship in Denmark got off to a blast with eight teams vying for the start of the qualifying rounds.

Team USA put on a dominating performance against Japan, showing the depth of the American team as the 10-0 victory featured nine different goalscorers. After Kelly Panek scored Team USA’s first goal midway through the first, the team scored eight more in the next 30 minutes and reached double figures in the third, thus qualifying for the race. Japan will play their second match against the Czech Republic tomorrow.

The first upset win of the tournament came when Hungary beat Germany 4-2 in the Group B opener. After losing two goals midway through the first period, the Hungarians rallied to score four goals, including two from Francisca Kiss Simon. Kinga Jokai-Szilagyi scored the eventual game winner in the second period, and Mira Selegeri scored his goal into an empty net late in the third to give Hungary the win.

It was an intense physical match between Finland and Canada, but red and white emerged victorious with a decisive 4-1 victory. Sara Nurse opened the scoring at the end of his five-minute power play and after Finland equalized, captain Marie his Philip his Puulin decided the eventual match winner. Meaghan Mikkelson also scored his first goal for Canada in five years for his team, and Blayre Turnbull added insurance with his goal empty into his net. Finnish captain Jennihi Ilikoski set her record by playing in her 14th Women’s World Championships.

Hosts Denmark lost 5-2 to Sweden in a battle with their Scandinavian neighbors. After opening the scoring early in the first period, Denmark almost immediately allowed an equalizing goal by Hannah Olsson. It is one of three goals Olsson has scored in this contest. To bring the score within two despite a late push by Denmark, Olsson scored an empty net goal to secure the victory for Sweden.

The top performers from day one of the Women’s World Hockey Championship are:

3 Star: Marie-Philippe Poulin, Canada

There’s a reason she’s nicknamed “Captain Crutch.” Marie Philippe Her Poole team She always seems to make a big splash at Canada’s big moments and today was no exception.

No stranger to scoring big goals on the international stage, Pauline and Sarah Nurse teamed up to score Team Canada’s first goal in a five-minute power play. Following a feed from Jocelyne Larocque, Poulin dished the puck for a backhand chip-in by Nurse.

The three are first together again.

After Finland tied the game with a Julia Liikala goal, Pauline carried the puck into the right wing attacking zone, waiting for the opening to delay the shot and bury it on Finnish goalkeeper Anni Keisala’s blocker side. This goal ultimately wins the game as Pauline continues to defend her nickname.

Pauline’s two-way game was on display again tonight, leading Team Canada in offensive penalty kills, killing six of their seven penalties.

Canada will face Switzerland in the second match of the tournament on Saturday.

Honorable Mention: Meaghan Mikkelson returned to Team Canada with a bang on Thursday. After missing time with a serious knee injury, the 37-year-old scored her first goal since 2016 to give Canada her 3–1 lead.

2 stars: Franciska Kiss-Simon, Hungary

Franciska Kiss-Simon was hoping for a surprise win for her team against Germany and scored two goals to level the score.

Just 25 seconds after Germany scored their second goal, Kiss Simon stole a feed from Mira Selegeri from the top of the circle to score Hungary’s first goal of the tournament and Kiss Simon’s first at the World Championships in seven years. I was.

She doubled second on a power play and scored once more from a similar shot above the circle.

In this match alone, Kiss-Simon scored a career-high two goals in the tournament, giving Hungary its first-ever victory over Germany.

They look forward to continuing this momentum against the Czech Republic on Friday.

Honorable Mention: Sweden’s Hannah Olsson led her side to victory over Denmark with an impressive three-goal performance. Olsson scored his second goal without an assist as he tied the game just 30 seconds after Denmark’s Emma Russell opened the scoring. She scored a hat-trick late in her third period to give Sweden her 5–2 victory.

1 star: Taylor Heise, USA

It’s easy to forget that when 22-year-old Taylor Heise swept the United States in a landslide victory over Japan, it was her debut for the senior national team. She recorded five of her assists (four of them in the primary) and she won the team her USA Most Valuable Player award.

Heise’s first point came in the final minute of the first period when he passed a pass to Caroline Hervey, who filled the puck with her backhand.

Heise recorded his second assist just 40 seconds later and scored two points in less than a minute when Haley Skamura made it 4-0.

Heise added three more points in the second period, including an impressive feed to Alex Carpenter.

Under the watchful eye of Japanese defender Aoi Shiga, Haise cut back and walked the blue line to let go of a backhand pass Carpenter hit.

Heise has previously won three international gold medals, playing for Team USA at the 2016, 2017 and 2018 IIHF Under-18 Women’s World Hockey Championships.

honorable mention: The United States showed their depth on the first day of this tournament, but only Alex Carpenter scored two goals in a 10-0 win. Carpenter also added assists on his eighth and tenth goals for the American, becoming his fifth player on Team USA to record his multi-point game against Japan.

WWHC Three Stars from Day One: Taylor Hayes Shines in Tournament Debut

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