WorkSafeBC fines for fall protection breaches

According to WorkSafeBC, “The company was unable to ensure that all workers were away from the area within a two-tree-length radius before the trees were cut down. This is a high-risk breach. “.

The company also couldn’t guarantee that workers doing fall work were eligible to do so-repeated violations.

Northern Sky Roofing Inc. has been fined $ 2,500 for a breach committed while reroofing a two-story home in West Kelowna.

At the time, two workers (one of whom was a supervisor) were near the top of the sloping roof and had no fall protection, putting them at risk of falling up to 4 m (13 ft). Was there.

“The company was unable to confirm that fall protection was being used and there were repeated high-risk breaches. The company also provided the information, guidance, training and supervision needed to ensure the health and safety of workers. Could not be provided to workers, “says WorkSafe BC.

WorkSafeBC fines for fall protection breaches

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