Work-life Balance tips for students

As a student, it is not easy to balance life with work, studies, relationships, and spare time. Many university and college students fall into that trap in not achieving goals. An unhealthy balance tends to overwork, which can easily lead to burnout. There are many ways to overcome these obstacles and create a better and more organized lifestyle.

This guide helps you find a better balance and how to achieve it – even in times when things get overwhelming.

Meaning of Work-life balance

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Everybody needs a private life and work life. If your work doesn’t satisfy and make you happy, you will end up suffering mentally, physically, and emotionally. Constantly putting work and studies first is not healthy for your personal life because it will affect it. A healthy work-life balance includes time for all certain areas like work, study time, socialization, relaxation, and exercise.


When it comes to rankings about the world’s top 20 cities that are known for a good work-life balance, four of them are based in Canada. Canada is known for having less stress levels in comparison with other countries. It also seems that people are happier and are not only working. According to a study, 67% of Canadians do workouts, 52% are on a healthy diet and 41% talk to their loved ones to improve their wellbeing. Other helpful tips are doing something creative, think about other things than work and have fun to provide a better work-life balance.

Overwork culture

 Society believes that you always must work hard to be successful and wealthy. Working extra hours make us believe that this is the way it should be. Weeks are getting longer along with feeling more exhausted. Workaholics are working all around the clock and forget to enjoy life. Being a workaholic may get you quicker to your goals and positions, but is it worth it to risk all the things that matter to you?

Overwork culture is toxic because it can quickly damage your personal relationships, but also affect your mental health. It became a habit that people feel guilty when things get overwhelming and still think that the way they’re living is normal.

Always remember, in addition to balancing life, that exhaustion is not a normal mental state. Hard work usually pays off, but don’t let it take overhand of your mental health.



 If you manage a healthier balance between work, studies, and personal life, you will recognize that this will have a good impact on your own productivity. How is it possible that if you make more time for your personal life and hobbies, instead of just focusing on work all the time, it has a better outcome on productivity? When your body feels tense and on a high stress level, you can’t put that energy into something else. Your wellbeing will be affected, and your level of productivity will be low. When you start suffering in other areas like personal fulfilment, physical activity, socialization and self-care you will be suffering too. Remind yourself that your personal relationships are the key and source of support, help and relief when stress overwhelms you.

Time management

 Time management is the key to make everything work better. The four keys to a better time management are: prioritizing tasks, creating a schedule for every week, using a timer for tasks, maximizing habits and understanding yourself.

It’s simple. The most important part is to create a consistent routine that keeps you going every day. No start is easy, so this will take some time, but after some time you will see that the ideal balance will make your life easier and lighter.


 Taking some time off to do the things you enjoy and doing what you love is also significant to keep your balance. You decide how you want to spend your self-care day to recharge and relax. Reading a book, listening to music, or taking a walk are things that can easily calm you down. If you like games, meet your friends for some rounds of board games. Some classics such as “Who is Who” or “Clue” could be a good idea. Each of them can provide a great evening, given that one of them you must ask questions for finding out the character and the other one you have to find out who is the murder of the game. However, if you’re more into technology, spending time on a video game console can also be fun. One of the best games which is played more often is the GTA. Since it was launched by the end of the 90’s, the developers have added to the game different new minigames.  There are several games that you can play with others such as the casino Diamond. But, if you are more classic, there are also many online platforms, out of the game, like online casinos that offer a huge collection of all kinds of games, without forgetting the number of bonuses that can be got and the different payment methods that are offered as PayPal or Credit Card. Moreover, you can play them on different kinds of devices, given that it is not necessary to be playing from the laptop. However, self-care has a different meaning for everyone, there is no definition or limit. You can find happiness in different things and places, so it’s good to know what is working out for you.

To sum it up, it’s important to focus on all the things that maintain a good and healthy work-life balance. Spend more time with your family and friends, follow your hobbies and passions, and live your life.

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