Wordle: Why so many people are crazy about new online games-National

It is described as “drug”, “attachment”, and “love story”. Wordle, an online vocabulary game, is sweeping the Internet and engrossing millions of people.

what is that?

Wordle is easy to play at first glance, but it’s harder to solve than it looks. The once-daily deduction game asks the player to understand the five-letter word. The player receives up to 6 guesses to complete the word.

When a player completes the game, they will be given a mysterious square block that can be used for bragging rights on social media, whether successful or not. For outside viewers, their ability to read these squares depends on whether they played the game themselves.

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How do you play

It’s pretty easy. The player starts by typing a five-letter word in the first line of the box. When you press Enter, the game will display the number of letters in the word.

A green box means that the correct letter is in the correct place. A yellow box means that the letter appears in the word but is in the wrong place. A gray box means that the letter isn’t exactly displayed in the word.

Screenshot of Wordle.

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From there, the player embarks on a deduction journey. If your logic and spelling skills are at their best, it’s very easy to understand a word in 6 trials. But even the most book lovers can sometimes struggle.

Game history

According to the New York Times, Wordle was designed by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle. He created Wordle (a riff of his name) for his wife who loves word games as a way to kill time during a pandemic.

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It was very popular in his family WhatsApp chat and Wardle decided to publish the game in October 2021. On November 1st, 90 people played. Today, the game boasts over 2.5 million players per day.

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Wordle’s simplicity sets it apart from many other online games. No push notifications, flashy graphics, sign-ups, ads. And that’s by design, Wardle says.

“By making Wordle, I clearly rejected the bunch of things you need to do for mobile games,” he told NPR. “Some of those rejections actually attracted people to the game because they just felt it was very innocent and wanted them to enjoy it.”

Players are limited to one game per day. Everyone receives the same word and tries 6 times. When complete, a countdown clock will be displayed until the next day’s word is released.

In the illustration in this photo, the word game Wordle is displayed on your mobile phone.

Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Despite the incredible popularity of the game, Wardle told the Guardians that he had various emotions about the attention the game was receiving.

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“To be honest, it doesn’t feel good to be viral. I feel responsible to the players. It’s really thanks to them to keep doing things and make sure everything is working properly. I feel. “

What is your best strategy?

As with any online game, there is no shortage of tips, tricks and hacks to move the game forward.

Some people try to understand vowels first. “Adieu” seems to be a popular selection at the premiere.

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Others take tactics from Wheel of fortune In the playbook, start with a word that contains popular consonants such as “rates” and “snort”.

It is also important to note that letters can be duplicated within a word.

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Wardle told the New York Times that the game used only common words in its answer and removed obscure words that were too difficult to guess.

He had some trouble with the Canadians, but on January 12th, when the word of the day was “favorable”. American How to do it. (Bold!)

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If you need more tips and tricks, there’s a Reddit thread dedicated to strategy and an entire Twitter thread.

A game that launched a thousand memes

Of course, whatever has reached its recent viral peak, Wordle memes are about as popular as the game itself.

There are memes that personally attack people who use Wordle as a waste of work time.

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Others used the name of the game as a fun pun.

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Others are devoted to the abilities of the game and create serious anxiety.

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Some have noticed that Wordle has spilled over into offline activities.

Even the Government of Canada is looking forward to it.

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If you’ve spent some time on Twitter lately, your feed can fill up with small squares.

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And what do you know? It’s perfectly fine. Wardle welcomes a little distraction in these pandemic eras.

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Wordle: Why so many people are crazy about new online games-National

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